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July 9, 2023 2 min read

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Contributors working together on DDEV

TL;DR: Sign up for contributor training on the form below to get the calendar invite with zoom link.

As we announced in Recruiting Contributors and Maintainers we’re actively trying to increase the DDEV community of contributors and maintainers. To do that, we’re going to start a series of trainings, and we’d love to have you come. The trainings will include information on how to contribute by:

  • Involvement in the issue queue and Discord channel
  • Creating pull requests to solve known problems or provide new features
  • Test new prereleases
  • Understand basic Go programming techniques
  • Set up a Go development environment using Goland or Vscode
  • Run automated tests on your own machine
  • Manage failed test runs and improve our tests
  • Explore new test platforms for DDEV macOS and Windows automated tests
  • Maintain and improve DDEV’s documentation
  • Maintain and improve ddev.com
  • Participate in reaching out to DDEV’s current and future financial funders
  • Participate in marketing strategy and implementation
  • Build and improve Docker images

Live training sessions will be held weekly on Tuesdays at 8am US MT, 5pm CET or CEST. The trainings will be recorded for everybody’s benefit. Sign up on the simple form below to get the calendar invite with zoom link.

Past Session Recordings:

Training DateDescription and Recording
2023-07-11Testing DDEV Features, testing DDEV v1.22.0 prereleases, how to help
2023-07-18Maintaining and Improving the Docs
2023-07-25Setting up a Go Development Environment see blog
2023-08-08Running Automated Tests Locally
2023-08-15Maintain and improve ddev.com see outline and blog post
2023-08-22Supporting others: How can I help? see blog
2023-08-29Building and pushing an improved Docker image see outline
2023-09-05Marketing: How can I help?
2023-09-12DDEV Architecture: Go, Docker Compose, Containers, see outline
2023-09-19DDEV Testing Infrastructure, see outline
2023-09-26DDEV Automated Tests and How to Improve Them, Randy forgot to record! but see outline
2023-10-31Measuring and Analyzing User Data with Amplitude see outline
2023-11-07DDEV Add-ons: Creating, maintaining, testing see outline
2023-11-14DDEV Hosting Providers: Creating, Maintaining, Using, see outline.

Upcoming Trainings:

Training DateDescription

Contributor training for 2023 is complete now, but we’ll be starting again in 2024. Watch this space!

Sign up on the simple form below to get the calendar invite with Zoom link. Drop by Discord or send an email if you want to talk more.

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