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We’d love your help!

DDEV exists because of the generosity of community members and sponsors.
There are several ways to get involved and we’d love for you to join us.

There are many different ways help:

File an Issue or PR

If you have an idea, a bug report, or code to contribute, please take the time to contribute a GitHub Issue or Pull Request.

Screenshot of GitHub PR #217, where @beeradb added new version notifications

We’re grateful for our sponsors, and all contributions to the DDEV Foundation go entirely toward development. We can always use resources to help attract contributors, cover test-running costs, and secure DDEV’s future. logoTag1 logo1xINTERNET logoi-gelb logoAgaric logob13 logoGizra logoOliver Wand logoCentarro logoDrupalEasy logomobilistics logooptasy logoRedfin Solutions logoMacStadium logoLullabot logoCraft CMS logoundpaul logokarlshea GitHub avatarKaffDaddy GitHub avatarhighermath GitHub avataraffinitybridge GitHub avatarkreynen GitHub avatarmaikschneider GitHub avatarcosmicdreams GitHub avatarpixelink GitHub avatarkszymukowicz GitHub avatarspoonerWeb GitHub avatarmehrwert GitHub avatarsoapboxcommunication GitHub avatarbrotkrueml GitHub avatarinfabo GitHub avatarErHaWeb GitHub avatarElementareTeilchen GitHub avatarnhovratov GitHub avatarkrausandre GitHub avatarbencroker GitHub avatarWapplerSystems GitHub avatargardiner GitHub avatarsiliconmeadow GitHub avatarhenokmikre GitHub avatarmikelittle GitHub avataraugustash GitHub avatarmejta GitHub avatarpetermallett GitHub avatarmaikschneider GitHub avatarCedricAlb GitHub avatardimitridarras GitHub avataroliverklee GitHub avatargreggmarshall GitHub avatarshinde-rahul GitHub avatarvazaha-nl GitHub avatarkazajhodo GitHub avatarsebastiansommer GitHub avatarpieter91 GitHub avatarRCheesley GitHub avatarvyskoczilova GitHub avatarvalicm GitHub avatarjmarkel GitHub avatarinfabo GitHub avatarpeterkraume GitHub avatarhelioha GitHub avatarMorgy93 GitHub avatarkoehnlein GitHub avatareliashaeussler GitHub avatarA-Kun GitHub avatarKarimBoudjema GitHub avatartalleux-zoellner GitHub avatarShape-and-Shift GitHub avataruc-berkeley-web-platform-services GitHub avatarwire-drupal GitHub avatar

Help Others

There’s no shortage of questions on Discord, GitHub, and Stack Overflow. If you can help someone out, it helps us focus more on development.

Screenshot of Discord server, with several active Q&A channels

Improve the Docs

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve found a typo, can wordsmith something to better explain or fit our style guide, or you’d like to suggest an entirely new section or use case. We’d be happy to have your input!

Screenshot visually highlighting the “Edit this page” icon in the docs and pointing to its corresponding GitHub URL
The edit icon in the published docs links to the relevant GitHub source for suggestions.

Spread the Word

If you like using DDEV, don’t keep it to yourself! Star the project on GitHub and make sure we know about your latest blog post, tweet, or YouTube video.

Join the Advisory Group

We meet regularly to discuss DDEV’s present and future. You’re welcome to join us!

Screenshot of an advisory group Zoom call with a grid of sixteen faces

Contributor Live Training

Live training sessions are held weekly on Tuesdays at 8am US MT, 5pm CET or CEST. The trainings are recorded for everybody’s benefit.