Online course: Streamline your web dev workflow

Join this online class to learn how to use DDEV to streamline your web dev workflow in DrupalEasy’s new online course.

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October 10 (10-noon EDT)

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What you'll learn

Learning outcomes for this course

  • What is DDEV?
  • Installing DDEV-Local (Mac OS X and Windows 10 Pro)
  • Getting an existing project up-and-running in DDEV-Local
  • Everyday DDEV-Local commands and functionality
  • DDEV-Local integration with hosting providers
    Updating DDEV-Local
  • DDEV-Local Tips and Tricks
  • Getting help with DDEV
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Who is this course for?

The class is aimed at anyone involved in the development and delivery of PHP website projects.

  • Web developers.
  • Senior team leads and Junior developers.
  • Designers who need to test their changes locally.
  • Product managers who need to demo their projects.
  • Technical sales teams who need to demo projects or services to clients.
  • Anyone who is exasperated with the options for local web development, and are looking for something that just works.
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What's included?

  • Live online workshop
  • 20+ page step-by-step guide
  • 10 video tutorials
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Who's the faciliator?

Mike Anello (@ultimike) is co-founder and vice president of DrupalEasy, a Drupal training and consulting firm based in Central Florida. Mike has been one of the main organizers of the Florida Drupal Users’ Group and Florida DrupalCamps for over nine years. Michael is also the lead trainer and curriculum developer for DrupalEasy’s intensive, 12-week Drupal Career Online (DCO) and 6-week “Mastering Drupal 8 Development Workflows with Pantheon” training programs.

More about DrupalEasy

With DDEV, you can deploy anywhere and deploy in Seconds. Set up environments quickly and switch tasks and projects. Use DDEV to speed your time to deployment.

What is DDEV?

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