The Business of Open Source – TYPO3 and DRUD

DRUD CEO, Steve Grandchamp and Mathias Schreiber, CEO of TYPO3 GmbH recently sat down with Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire, Partner of Open Strategy Partners to talk about the benefits of open source, especially for business.

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Both companies, TYPO3 GmbH and DRUD, are businesses built around open source projects. Common business models for open source include support contracts, consulting, training, integrations, and adding value for specific customers.

TYPO3 CMS is an interesting case to look at since they strike a special balance for a large well-established open source community. TYPO3 GmbH is a commercial venture of the TYPO3 Association to provide 24/7 Support SLAs, training, mentoring, security, and quality assurance for the long-running TYPO3 CMS project. They focus on maintaining a partner program that bolsters the business network for the project. This strengthens the community that feeds into TYPO3 CMS and ensures a sense of trust and quality for decision makers.

DRUD creates tools and services that make it easier for web development teams to collaborate and be creative; no matter if you’re using TYPO3 CMS, Drupal, Backdrop CMS, WordPress, and so forth. In fact, that’s why DDEV exists, because the DRUD team needed a flexible tool to provide a reliable foundation for everyday creative web development. Now with a DDEV-UI coming soon, it will open up collaboration across teams.

This gave Steve and Mathias a lot to talk about together with Jam. Both companies need to work in the open with a community while driving revenue that doesn’t cannibalize that of their partners and users. As they discovered, “open source competitors collaborate for better quality.”

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Talking Open Source and Business – TYPO3 GmbH and DRUD

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Thank you to the TYPO3 community!

The team at DRUD have really enjoyed working with the TYPO3 community. Their positive feedback has been inspiring.

Feedback like this is so encouraging.

We’re trying not to blush ?

It’s also great to see, that even for people who’ve tried to DIY Docker for TYPO3 CMS on their own, DDEV is turning out to be a time-saver.

TYPO3 community members have offered continual feedback and testing, and feature proposals which have made DDEV stronger and more flexible. As Rick Manelius, Chief Product Officer at DRUD, said “I’m continually impressed by the community around #DDEV. The amount of care that users put into filing helpful, detailed GitHub issues is simply top notch!” Rick offered this issue from TYPO3 users as an example, showing clear and concise details that help the DDEV team resolve issues.

So we want to say a big thank you to the TYPO3 community!

Getting TYPO3 contributors set up fast with DDEV

There was a workshop recently at TYPO3 Developer Days to help set up new contributors with new working TYPO3 CMS development environments. Thank you to the community leaders for sharing DDEV with TYPO3 CMS contributors!

Research has shown that a major barrier to open source contribution is the difficulty in setting up a local development environment. An entire sprint could be delayed for hours, or even a full day just to make sure people are set up properly. What if this could take much less time to set up and maintain?

Michael Oehlhof delivered a presentation Start developing for TYPO3 in minutes using DDEV.

View the slides:

This was followed by a workshop where learners got step-by-step instruction. Jigal van Hemert ran this workshop: “DDEV: Docker Made Easy” and explained the concepts behind Docker, in addition to practical steps to get set up.

View the slides:

As Peter Kraume said “A lot of new people will have a working @drud #DDEV environment on their machines after that workshop.” Contributors are the lifeblood of any open source project, so we’re really happy to hear that!

By the way, want to learn online? We’re running online workshops to help you learn how to professionalize and streamline your web development workflow, starting with your local environment.

Check out our online training. Contact us for a discount for your team or group!

Meet the team behind DDEV at TYPO3 Conference 2018!

We’re heading to the 13th annual TYPO3 Conference 2018 Oct 30-31! Kevin Bridges, CTO at DRUD will be showing how you can Turbocharge your Agency, with Jeffrey “Jam” McGuire of Open Strategy Partners. Day 2, 12:50 — 13:35, Room One.

Check out our events calendar to see where we’re at.

Photo by Oleg Laptev on Unsplash

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