End of year round-up: 2018

Flatirons, CO

2018 was a year of deep growth and change for us here at DRUD. Our local development environment took off, and we launched our hosting service, among many other milestones. We’re evolving our platform alongside the changing needs of the web community and we’re especially looking forward to hearing more about how you use DDEV.

When you’re dealing with the most challenging digital transformations, you need a host you can rely on to work with you and your complex project. Instead of spending time building your own solutions we can help you deploy on our systems and then evolve with your needs using our Intelligence Engine methods. Connecting our established DDEV-Local development environment to our new DDEV hosting gives you a fully integrated, dev-to-deploy system that supports a great diversity of modern projects.

Read on for details on how we got here!

2018 Recap:

Hosting service launched!

We’re pleased to report that our hosting API is coming along, our first customers are up and live, our “Golden Ticket” program for early access to our hosting platform was successful and we’re on target to hit milestones going into the new year!

As you may know, DDEV-Local is a well established local development tool that can run a variety of projects including Drupal, WordPress, TYPO3, Gatsby.js and more. It solves a number of challenges for you and also connects neatly to our new hosting platform…

This year we launched DDEV-Live, a modern hosting platform that supports traditional CMSs and your existing clients while staying current with frameworks and site generators like Gatsby.js, Hugo, VuePress, other flat files and complex decoupled sites including your own custom cutting-edge concepts.

If you signed up for early adopter access or received a voucher at an event you can still redeem it! Click through here until the end of 2018.

The community love is so powerful. Thank you to everyone who talked about or used DDEV at their events this year! We have a vibrant community that adores our products and services. You all advocate for us, and we appreciate it.

Here’s to 2019!

Thank you to the community for your contributions of every size that you’ve made back to DDEV, and to everyone we’ve worked with on our extremely dedicated, enthusiastic team. You are all why we do what we do here.

We’ve built a new way to host, featuring everything scalable and flexible you need plus dedicated support from the team. We’re eagerly anticipating working with our first batch of new hosting clients in the new year. Stay tuned so you can get first dibs on the next round and hear about where we’re headed in 2019!

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