DDEV-Live PHP 7.2 notice

ddev-live and php 7.2 eol notice

PHP security support for version 7.2 will end on 30 Nov 2020. Sites running PHP 7.2 will cease to receive all PHP version updates and are at greater risk for security issues. We will continue to provide a PHP 7.2 option on the DDEV-Live platform, however, we do not recommend this version.

What this means for you:

We require that you upgrade your sites to an actively supported version of PHP, either 7.3, 7.4, in order to continue receiving security updates.

Actions to take now:

Here is a simple example of how to update your DDEV site:

  • Please note that we’ve recently released new versions for both the ddev and ddev-live CLIs, update now if you haven’t!
  • Test your site on PHP 7.3 using DDEV-Local:
  • Switch your DDEV-Live site to 7.3
    • Run ddev-live config <site-type> <site-name> --php-version=7.3 or to update your site’s DDEV-Live environment.
    • Push any required changes back to your deployed repository.

DDEV-Live documentation
DDEV-Local documentation

Other items of note

Migrating from PHP 7.2.x to PHP 7.3.x 
PHP 7.3 changelog
PHP roadmap
Drupal 7.73 fully supports PHP 7.3.
D6LTS 6.55 fully supports PHP 7.3.
WordPress 4.7 or newer fully supports PHP 7.3.
Typo3 9 fully supports PHP 7.3.
Typo3 10 fully supports PHP 7.3.

For additional platform status updates, please subscribe at status.ddev.com.

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