DDEV in 2021

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I began working on the DDEV platform concept in February of 2013, motivated by the desire to allow the individual web developer to remain relevant. As I reflect on where we started in 2013 and what lies in front of us for 2021, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude and excitement for what the new year brings. In 2013, I watched an industry growing from the grass-roots efforts of millions of open source contributions into proprietary systems designed to capitalize on contributors. As we enter 2021, I believe the tools to break that cycle are reaching maturation, and I’d like to help you understand how DDEV will continue to help.

Successful web developers must solve three fundamental problems to focus on their craft. The first is creating a working environment. The second is delivering the results of the work, and the third is collaborating with others. These three areas are at the root of why we created DDEV and why we love to hear what you need from the tools.

DDEV-Local is an extendable, container-based local development environment for developers. With a strong focus on PHP, it removes the friction of a working environment for thousands of web developers daily. By focusing on containers, it allows for significant customization limited only by your creativity.

Deploying from local to environments of your choosing should be seamless. Establishing frameworks to deploy to existing cloud platforms or bare metal is a significant focus for 2021. Moving beyond the command line into graphical interfaces will allow us to become more accessible for a broader range of developers.

DDEV-Live is an API-driven platform to enable CI/CD, hosting, and infrastructure management for your work. It is built on Kubernetes and Cloud-Native principles that we believe will drive the industry for the foreseeable future. We ended 2020 by enhancing our hosting capabilities with DDEV Preview, which can replicate environments based on pull requests.

In 2021, you will see broader integration with local development tooling and existing workflows through a series of language-specific SDKs that expose platform integration to any number of tools or processes. In addition to speed and usability improvements, translating services and behaviors used locally into and out of Kubernetes resources is a primary focus for the coming year. Our goal is to support you as you move beyond the traditional CMS by allowing you to define the systems you build.

The type of work we perform at DDEV takes time to mature and is wholly dependent on clear communication to maintain alignment with your needs. 2021 is the year the DDEV platform illustrates that we are listening and serving a significantly different world.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. Let’s build the future together.

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