Onsite Collaboration and Communication

This week is an exciting, and colorful time here in Denver Colorado. We have a broad array of events happening from Denver ComicCon to Pride Fest and our first real Drud Technology onsite. Being part of a distributed company with a remote culture means our communication needs to be extraordinary. Luckily, our team is flexible, and we can bring together people from the Netherlands, Asheville, Boise, Austin, and all over Colorado to put our heads together in Denver.

Communication and growth

At Drud Technology, our culture and the people we work with are the most critical parts of our business. To set up our organization for our success we’ve had to learn hard lessons about how we do just about everything. My favorite quote from the book Measure What Matters by John Doerr is “ideas are easy, execution is everything.” I feel Mr. Doerr’s sentiment represents the theme for us this week. We’ve been fortunate to attract people that are both passionate and significantly capable in their professions. While it’s an honor to be able to work with such a fantastic team, it does present unique challenges that require careful planning, communication, and execution to achieve.  I would love to say that we execute perfectly, but the reality of any team is that mistakes happen and offer great learning opportunities if you let them.

A specific area we’re improving is how we align the direction of the company with the needs and ideas that surface from our day-to-day conversations in engineering, support, sales, marketing, and business. In a traditional business, the tendency is to have a top-down series of instructions that are primarily dictated by the perceived business needs of the people in charge of the companies health.

Everything that we do at Drud Technology questions the effectiveness of the top-down approach. For us, being able to find methods that provide autonomy, mastery, and purpose across the entire organization provides a healthier framework for communication and growth. Being able to align everyone around a publicly visible set of objectives is an integral part of how we want to function.

We’ve discovered that when the organization provides a safe space to share ideas and agree on precise objectives that we increase empathy for each other and open ourselves to essential ideas we may have missed. It is imperative that we create an environment where people from every position in the company has a voice and that our teams know hearing translates into doing.

Communication is always a two-way interaction, so it becomes as equally essential to understand how ideas support the agreed upon objectives we are focusing on. To provide a safe space, we have to be ready to accept failure and learn from the mistakes. Each of our goals needs to be accountable and measurable so that there is a clear sense of accomplishment or a clear indication that we missed the mark. Creating a safe environment is not easy because each person in an organization may have conflicting objectives if communication is not effective.

This week’s onsite is designed for us to share our ideas, codify those into objectives, and generally coalesce as the high performing team that we are. If you find this post helpful and would like to know more about how our team collaborates, drop us a line and let us know! If you’d like to work with us, check out our job listings.

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