Vote for your favorite new DDEV-Local development environment features

Installed versions of the open source DDEV-Local development environment in 2019

2019 was an amazing year for DDEV-Local thanks to all of your contributions, involvement and experience! DDEV-Local is open source so that we can work together to support a broad range of users using our local development environment across operating systems and PHP projects. We were proud to be able to support DDEV communities in person this past year at various Drupal and TYPO3 CMS events, where we heard from users and worked through special use-cases together. 

The result of all this collaboration was a series of nifty new features we’ve listed below in a poll. We’d love to hear which were your favorites, so that we can understand what has been most valuable to you as we plan work for 2020.

DDEV-Local open source contribution stats

  • DDEV-Local had more than 329 pull requests, 326 issues closed, and 304 commits
  • 3700 active DDEV-Local users have telemetry turned on, contributing back incredibly useful data on how you are using the tool and how you expect it to work
  • Total contributors to DDEV-Local increased to 70 individuals
  • 7 major releases of DDEV-Local and many minor releases, including major features and scores of minor features and bug fixes

Vote for your favorite DDEV-Local development environment features!

DDEV-Local added a lot of new features in 2019. We’re hoping they’re the ones you like the best. 

How to contribute to DDEV-Local

The DDEV-Local roadmap has current plans, but we aim to keep it in sync with what you’re looking for. In fact, one of the top items we’d like to move forward with is bringing together a DDEV-Local “advisory group” of interested users to help guide the roadmap. If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, please leave a note on this issue expressing your interest and include what content management system (CMS) you work with.

Our mission is to support anyone working locally on a PHP project, reduce barriers to open source contributions, and to give you the ability to launch your project using the best that cloud native technology can offer. Thank you very much to the DDEV community for guiding these projects and contributing your time, expertise as a user, and of course, code. 

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