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We want to help you have a successful contribution sprint. Getting newcomers up to speed, and everyone ready to contribute can be tricky, but it is vital to success. To help you get there we’re adding supported platforms for our DDEV Local development environment and we’re developing a Sprint Kit to give you more of the tools you need to run a brilliant sprint.

Set up for success

We spoke with open source community leaders for their advice and insight on running great contribution sprints. One of the most challenging parts of running a sprint is getting local workspaces set up. We’ve heard of sprints spending almost the entire first day just getting everyone set up with local development environments. It eats up time you could better spend on squashing bugs, testing patches, and reviewing issues. The technical hurdles of onboarding take time that mentors and volunteers could use elsewhere. And it’s frustrating and demoralizing for newcomers, who often don’t ever end up being second-time sprinters.

“DDEV’s got your back. Go make your CMS awesome.”

– The DDEV team

You’re not running a local workspace setup sprint. You’re there to make your open source project better. We’re committed to making it easier for contributors to get set up and contributing. That’s what DDEV Local is for; it takes all the complexity out of the development environment setup. And that’s why we’re also building resources for open source leaders like our Sprint Kit.

About Quicksprint

Quicksprint is a toolkit to help sprinters get new contributors started with DDEV and a Drupal codebase on macOS, Linux, or Windows. Quicksprint does three things.

  1. Gets the OS specific version of Docker installed.
  2. Installs DDEV-Local.
  3. It includes a pre-built Drupal 8 repo. Triggers DDEV to get a fresh Drupal 8 site up.

If you’re planning a contribution sprint, use Quicksprint to produce one .zip archive that includes everything contributors need for local development.

About the Sprint Guide

The DDEV team has deep open source roots and has been attending and organizing events for years, and we know it’s complicated and challenging. While you’re thinking about the bigger goals of the event, it’s easy for some little detail to get overlooked, and all people will talk about is how there wasn’t enough coffee, or one room was too hot to work in.

Getting the details of an event right is can be a thankless task, but once you get them right, you can focus on the creative and fun aspects of running a productive sprint. If it’s successful, you’ll gain new contributors, return attendees, and inspire future community leaders and contributions. That’s why we’ve written the Sprint Guide as the first part of our Sprint Kit.

Are you running a sprint soon? We’d love to hear from you to see how we can help.

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Banner photo – Bluespark Labs “Code Sprint” – Drupalcon Portland 2013. – (CC BY 2.0)

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