DDEV v1.5.2: Linuxbrew, php-apcu, Ghostscript and more

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We’ve just released DDEV v1.5.2! This is a minor release with a couple of very useful features. Install or upgrade now. Here are a couple highlights:

Added Linuxbrew for DDEV installationLinuxbrew is now our preferred install/upgrade technique on all Linux distributions. This makes installation easy and upgrades even easier. We would have loved to support every Linux package manager but the more sustainable solution is this one manager-fits-all. “Fixes issue #1”!

Added php-apcu to the web container – php-apcu makes Composer classloading much faster. Drupal 8 and TYPO3 will see nice performance improvements, especially on the first visit to a project after a ddev start. For Drupal 8 $settings['class_loader_auto_detect'] = FALSE; is added to the settings.ddev.php and it increases performance quite a lot with php-apcu. Thanks to Matt Glaman @mglaman for the suggestion in Stack Overflow.

Ghostscript in the web containerGhostscript is necessary for TYPO3 CMS to run with all its features. We’ve now added it as a standard component in DDEV.

Plus, we’ve added an upgrade to MariaDB in the database container, and PHP 7.3 now has php-memcached in web container. Thanks to Dave Long @longwave for contributing a database import progress bar as well!

For full details check out the DDEV v1.5.2 Release Notes.

Download DDEV-Local 1.5.2

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We’d love to hear from you about new features that might be most important to you and we always want to hear about bugs. Please take a look around the DDEV issue queue and Stack Overflow to spur your thinking!

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