DDEV-Local Web Container Customization in v1.8.0

DDEV-Local Web Container

There’s never any end to the number of things you might need to do with the web container to make it “just right” for your project. In DDEV-Local v1.8.0 you can do that much more easily than in the past. Here are a couple of examples of how you might make these modifications, and a screencast with a walkthrough:

Simple: Add webimage_extra_packages to config.yaml

If you need extra packages, just find out what they are (for Debian) and add them to your .ddev/config.yaml, like

webimage_extra_packages: [php-yaml]

(or use ddev config --webimage-extra-packages=php-yaml)

Fancy and Unlimited: Build your own .ddev/web-build/Dockerfile

For people with a need for more complex changes, copy the .ddev/web-build/Dockerfile.example to .ddev/web-build/Dockerfile and hack at it. Note that a Dockerfile overrides any webimage_extra_packages you may have added, as you’d want to take on all customization yourself. ddev start¬†will remind you of this if you have both.

Thanks for your support for DDEV-Local, and we look forward to hearing what you do with these new capabilities. Please post your recipes on Stack Overflow tagged with “ddev.” Use the “question and answer” format where you answer your own question. Have fun!

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