DDEV-Local Usage Statistics (Updated 2019-03-21)

DDEV-Local Usage Statistics Pie Charts

We introduced opt-in instrumentation using Sentry.io in DDEV-Local v1.5.0 (December 2018). This feature sends some information about ddev usage so that we can understand our users better and help you do your best work. Now that we’re a few months in we’ve learned a number of things, and so appreciate those of you who opted-in to this feature.

If you want to try it out, please download and set up DDEV with your own project or one of our quickstart guides.

Of course, we only have information about DDEV-Local users who have opted in, and it’s a limited amount of data, but it’s super important to us and we thank you so much for allowing this information to be sent. It will help us enormously in learning how the community uses DDEV-Local and how best to serve you as we move forward developing the beta release of our hosting platform, DDEV-Live.

Some of the most interesting data so far:

If you’d like to browse the actual numbers, the (rough) spreadsheet data is available here.

Again, thanks so much for using DDEV and for your many contributions to its success, whether by sending stats, suggesting features, supporting others, or reporting issues. Thank you!

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