Announcing: New online course – professionalize your web dev workflow

Learn how to use DDEV to streamline your web dev workflow in DrupalEasy’s new online course: “2-hour Professional local development with DDEV.

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  • July 18 (1-3pm EDT; 7-9pm CET)
  • August 22 (10am-noon EDT; 4-6pm CET)
  • September 19 (9-11am EDT; 3-5pm CET)

About the course

DrupalEasy delivers training in web development with Drupal. From the start, learners need a foundation where they can learn web development, so a professional local dev solution is critical. Mike has spent the last year trying out different solutions and finally chose DDEV as his local dev tool of choice. DDEV-Local is a solution that will work with you the for the long term. DDEV-Local works for Drupal, but also WordPress; it works on Mac, Linux, and Windows 10 Pro. And it’s fast and fuss-free to set up.

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Learn with DrupalEasy – Online

Mike ran the first class last week, and here’s what students had to say:

“Great hands-on intro to Docker-based Drupal development, easy to follow and get up and running quickly!”

“A rollicking good command line time! A great introduction to setting and up and using projects with DDEV. Motivates me to move to DDEV.”

Mike Anello has been teaching in-person and online courses for years. This format increases access to learning opportunities, and it’s effective too.

“Mike consistently ensures a great learning environment with his show and tell demonstrations, fielding/answering live questions on the fly, leaving you stocked up with tips/tricks, how-to screencasts and documentation at your fingertips.”

What will you learn?

  • DDEV-Local – installation and updating.
  • Getting existing projects running in DDEV-Local.
  • Using DDEV-Local for everyday tasks.
  • Deployment and hosting integration.
  • Tips and tricks, and getting help.

Requirements: The requirements for the class are the same as the for using DDEV. See DDEV Docs: System Requirements.

“The workshop is very thorough yet paced so that keeping up with the hands-on demos is easy. Mike is a personable instructor explaining and solving issues quickly.”

Curious if this is the right choice for your entire team?

We’ve talked to senior team leads and mentors who’ve switched to DDEV because it makes onboarding new team members easier. DDEV makes it easy to get started each time you want to launch a new project. It’s easy for those new to container-based development, and it’s flexible enough to adapt as your needs evolve. If you want to get your team up to speed, contact us for a group discount for this course.

Enroll now to professionalize your web dev workflow

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