TYPO3 Dev Days Wrap-Up

TYPO3 Dev Days

Thank you, T3DD!

We had an amazing time at TYPO3 Developer Days (T3DD) in Karlsruhe, Germany this month. The sessions were enlightening, the venue was pleasant and peaceful, and the entire event so professionally organized by punkt.de. We were happy to be able to support the TYPO3 community by sponsoring T3DD and pleased especially that the DDEV team spent time just being part of the community. Thank you all very much for a great event!

As this was a developer focused event, it was a great opportunity to talk technical details with TYPO3 community members who build their own tools and pipelines and have very specific needs for their projects. Learning what is important to you in a development workflow and supporting how you want to work is part of the DDEV mission to help advance developer communities.

While the session recordings are still being processed, our slides are all linked from each of the session pages below. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, especially in #DDEV in TYPO3 Slack, or sign up for our newsletter:

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DDEV-Local Tips and Tricks Andrew


One definite highlight of the event was DDEV engineer Andrew French receiving a “best presentation” award for his session on DDEV-Local Tips & Tricks. Talk about an amazing experience for a first-time attendee to a TYPO3 event; thank you very much to everyone who attended the talk and asked questions. A couple things you asked about:

  • The DDEV-Local ddev share command – this command is for temporarily sharing a project on your local machine via the web. While we will have a more typical preview functionality on the DDEV-Live platform, ddev share is meant only for giving your mom or client a quick look at work in progress. There’s a great blog here from DrupalEasy with details, or just run ddev help share.
  • Container modifications – There are a few ways to add custom configuration to your DDEV containers, such as working directly with Dockerfiles. Check out our blog post here to get started.

Info and slides: DDEV-Local Advanced tips and tricks

TYPO3 Kubernetes Operator DDEV-Live

K8s & T3

Jan and Kevin’s presentation on TYPO3 and Kubernetes session also drew an interested audience who were full of questions. The best part of these sessions is so often the Q&A, and folks were eager to get into the specifics of how operators work. We invited anyone who is interested to join a Kubernetes special interest group (SIG) that focuses on how we can build and define standards for operators, controllers, and other resources across CMS communities.

Info and slides: Kubernetes x TYPO3

DDEV-Live demo

DDEV-Live, Live!

We also demoed deploying a TYPO3 site to our hosting platform, DDEV-Live, for the very first time. We’re finessing the TYPO3 operator for a public release, but it was really fun to work towards a deployment for this event. This presentation talked about some of the ways the entire DDEV workflow makes development simpler, but also flexible and highly extensible in all components from Local to Live. We’ll be expanding on this significantly at TYPO3 Con in The Hague (T3Con) later this year and hope to see you there.

Info and slides:  Local to Live deployment for a TYPO3 beginner

Next up:

After such a positive experience at T3DD we’re very much looking forward to T3Con. It was a pleasure to connect with some of the folks we see online and to have conversations about the TYPO3 community and your projects. Hearing more about the unique parameters and needs for your work is inspiring and productive; now we’re back home tuning DDEV to be as useful as possible to you.

Please do sign up below for early access to DDEV-Live as we are opening it up for feedback in the coming weeks and are eager to hear your experience with it. We’ll also be sponsoring and doing more demos at T3Con in October! Purchase your ticket and book your trip so we can chat more.

Thanks very much for having us!

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