Simplify Your End-to-End Workflow: Integrate DDEV-Live with Jenkins

DDEV and Jenkins Development Workflows

Being forced into workflows that don’t work for your development team is like forcing a digital nomad into a mobile data plan from the ’90s — it’s frustrating, difficult to justify, and costly. Here at DDEV, we take a developer-first approach. 

We’re committed to enabling you to use the tools that make your unique workflows the most efficient. That’s why we built our dev-to-deploy solution on cloud-native principles and designed it to reliably scale — empowering enterprise-level clients and lone developers alike. To that end, DDEV-Live easily integrates into your existing workflows as a hosting platform or additional CI/CD tool. To add even more flexibility to the equation, our dev-to-deploy solution includes a simple-to-use CLI and the ability to effortlessly switch from human readable/editable format to YAML or JSON depending on your needs.  

Need to quickly deploy a test site or replace existing CI/CD pipelines? Click below to read the tutorial.

Is Jenkins Becoming a Roadblock?

Let’s face it: Website projects and deployments are no longer simple. Odds are you’re dealing with complex digital experiences and custom workflows. Add to that the pressure to keep up with companies that deliver software in minutes instead of days, and you’re probably already sold on the case for CI/CD and have incorporated a popular tool like Jenkins into an efficient DevOps workflow

Jenkins itself is a phenomenal choice: It’s a powerful open source automation server that’s easily extensible — currently supported with hundreds of plugins — and has the advantage of being distributed across multiple machines to drive builds, tests, and deployments. Not to mention the advantages of automation when it comes to reducing the risk of human error. 

But connecting Jenkins to other hosting platforms can be a frustrating process. After all, poorly functioning or undocumented APIs often result in finicky connections, slow-moving support tickets, and the ensuing headaches to match. Just like that, the tool you depended on to reliably detect and locate errors in new code — allowing you to quickly move through the steps of your workflow — has suddenly become a roadblock itself. 

The DDEV Difference

By contrast, DDEV-Live just works — enabling you to perform a simple, one-time setup to configure Jenkins and run regular automatic deployments into DDEV-Live. No roadblocks, no learning curves, just our cloud-native/API-focused approach to add a little extra efficiency to your day. 

Building on the success of DDEV-Local, we designed DDEV-Live to be the world’s first fully-integrated dev-to-deploy hosting platform — and to advance our mission of delivering tools that give developers access to powerful new technologies, like Kubernetes, with control over the level of complexity that makes the most sense to them. In fact, one of the major draws of our early access trials was the flexibility offered by well-engineered CI/CD integration. With the installable DDEV-Live CLI and API token, you have the ability to easily make connections to Jenkins or other existing tools on your own. 

All you need is a fully configured account on DDEV-Live, and a Jenkins server and user with access/permissions to install new executables. From there, you’ll follow these six steps to connect your CI/CD process with DDEV — allowing you to run functional tests, automatically deploy to QA, test mobile devices, and share projects with clients in a user acceptance testing (UAT) environment. Even if your client is already locked into a hosting provider, you can simply set up previews of their projects by automatically deploying a test site via Jenkins onto DDEV-Live — skipping the hassle of going all the way to production before review. A bonus: While the above tutorial uses Drupal as an example, DDEV-Live is made for flexibility and supports a wide array of PHP applications and CMSs.

Get Started with DDEV-Live Today

Thank you to all of you who are already using DDEV-Local — with special thanks to everyone who took the time to help us fine-tune DDEV-Live’s most important features and functions in the early access trials. We strive to constantly improve our services and stay ahead of the shifting hosting landscape. With that in mind, we’re excited to share this latest piece of the puzzle to help you save time deploying sites, instill repeatable and dependable processes into your workflow, and skip the frustrations that come with the constant need to test and debug— enabling you to increase the value provided to your clients. 

To get started, click below to create an account and start your free 10 day trial of DDEV-Live. As always, your expertise is essential to helping us build the best tools we possibly can, and we welcome your feedback! 

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