Release notes: DDEV Platform 23 November 2020

Screenshot of GitHub permissions for the DDEV-Live app


Key changes in this version

The platform update on 23 November 2020 introduces DDEV Preview, a collection of features to support testing and review during a development lifecycle. These features include a repository chat-bot for GitHub and GitLab repositories, which you may call directly in your repositories with a comment to create a preview site. Preview site features are designed to enable developers to create on-demand site clones in production-like environments on the DDEV-Live infrastructure. 

In order for the chat-bot to work with GitHub repositories, the DDEV-Live GitHub app now requires read and write permission on issues and pull-requests. DDEV uses a GitHub app in order to “listen” to your GitHub repositories. This is set up during initial account configuration for GitHub users. In order for the GitHub bot to work it needs to be able to observe and respond to events in your repository.

With this update, you will be able to create a Preview site with just a comment on a PR, or on a merge request for GitLab users. GitLab does not require additional configuration.

Smaller changes


GitHub users must accept additional permissions for the DDEV-Live GitHub app on their accounts.


DDEV-Live CLI v0.8.0

Status page

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