Release notes: DDEV-Live Platform updates, CLI 0.9.2

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Time for some notes on the latest platform updates for DDEV! We’ve got some changes for DDEV-Live as well as the DDEV-Local development environment. On the Live side, our production hosting platform now includes a few more useful developer tools to give you greater control and insight into your site deploys. 

Several of the changes are the result of feedback from users, to whom we are grateful! Our expertise lies in building with Kubernetes, so all the information you can give us on exactly what you need as a web developer, designer, and especially as a team really helps to improve the system for everyone. Thank you! 


Key changes in the DDEV Platform update 

  • For trial accounts on the DDEV-Live platform, we now use a shared CloudSQL instance. The 10 day free trial is only available on the personal plan level so that you can get an idea of how to use the platform in general. When you transition to a paid plan, your database is migrated to a dedicated CloudSQL instance with additional resources for each paid tier. In the next release, that process will be automated and seamless via the API. 
  • Bug fix: Thanks to TYPO3 users discovering a bug, it is now possible via the command line to successfully set an environmental variable in the container for use by php. For example:
    ddev-live config variable set mySite applicationContext "Production"
  • Bug fix: Now referring to a private repository in your composer.json works as expected to connect and pull down the repository contents via GitHub App OAuth or GitLab PAT. 
    • For example, if you have a custom theme stored in a private repository on GitLab, and refer to it in your composer.json, when you run the following command to create a site on DDEV-Live, all your dependencies will be pulled as expected with no authorization errors.
ddev-live create site drupal mySite \
--git-rev main \

Key changes in the CLI 0.9.2 release

  • The ddev-live exec command now includes an interactive mode so that you can issue commands and work directly in production containers. Read more in this blog post, Execute commands and interact with your cloud containers.
  • You can now run commands from the DDEV-Live CLI to retrieve site and build logs from a site build in progress. These give you more insight into what’s going on behind the scenes so you can troubleshoot any errors. For example, if your site isn’t building as expected, you can look in the logs to find out that you forgot to add the --run-composer-install flag on site creation. This functionality was built out through our API so we will soon be showing the same in the dashboard UI.
    Try out:
ddev-live logs build [-f] [--scope]
ddev-live logs site [-f]
ddev-live logs access [-f]
  • Bug fix: when you run ddev-live describe site mySite for any of your sites on DDEV-Live, the field for CurrentCommit updates as expected. CurrentCommit shows the hash for the commit that’s deployed to your workspace on DDEV-Live.
    For example: 
 Created:       18d ago (2021-02-11 23:03:03 -0500 EST)
 Run Composer:  false
 Composer Args:
  - Build finished successfully
  Revision:      main
  CurrentCommit: 15adf6cdeb240036ed57b1ccf6746dc3017a5176

Key changes in DDEV-Local 1.16.7

  • A minor release for the DDEV-Local development environment: v1.16.7 is out. This release updates an upstream key (for in the web image so that you won't be impacted when it expires in a few weeks. This also updates all the packages in the web image so you get the latest PHP like PHP 8.0.2. Read more in the release notes on GitHub
  • More updates in the latest note to our awesome GitHub sponsors! Want to get those updates direct to your mailbox? Sponsor our open source projects.


DDEV-Live CLI 0.9.2

DDEV-Local CLI 1.16.7

Status page

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Thanks to the whole community for making this possible!

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