Release notes: DDEV-Live CLI 0.9.1

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Key changes in this version

The update to the DDEV-Live CLI on 11 January 2021 introduces custom cron commands for Drupal sites on DDEV-Live. It also builds further on the features of DDEV Preview and site clones with the command delete clone. Thank you very much to our users who shared their specific cron needs with us so we could make the platform more useful for everyone.

We’re just getting rolling with 2021, but have big plans for the DDEV platform in the year ahead. Stay tuned…

Drupal Custom Cron

Users with drupal sites are now able to configure (add, view, & remove) custom cron commands for their sites.

To add custom cron commands, use the --cron-custom-command-add & --cron-schedule flags.

Add a custom cron command on a new site:

// on a new site: create new cron with custom command "drush version" running every 5 minutes
$ ddev-live create site drupal mysite \
--cron-custom-command-add "drush version" \
--cron-schedule "*/5 * * * *"

Add a custom cron command to an existing site:

// on an existing site: create new cron with custom command "drush version" running every 5 minutes
$ ddev-live config drupal mysite \
--cron-custom-command-add "drush version" \
--cron-schedule "*/5 * * * *"

View custom cron commands for a drupal site:

// see custom crons, excerpt from the entire describe command with relevant information only
$ ddev-live describe site mysite
 Preview URL:
 Cron Status:   enabled
 Cron Schedule:
 Custom Cron Commands:
  1. "*/5 * * * *" echo 'my new cron'
  2. "*/5 * * * *" drush version

To remove/delete custom cron commands use the --cron-custom-command-delete flag, along with the number of the command to remove.

// delete custom cron executing "drush version"
// This custom cron command is #2 in the above `ddev-live describe site mysite`

$ ddev-live config drupal mysite \
--cron-custom-command-delete 2

Delete Clone

Users are now able to delete a preview site via ddev-live delete clone site against a broken or running clone in their workspace. This was introduced due to an edge case where a user would not be able to delete a broken/failed preview-site. ddev-live delete clone site is intended to fix this.

Once a preview-site has been successfully built and is live it will be viewable in a user’s list of sites via ddev-live list sites. At that point the preview-site can then be deleted using ddev-live delete site.


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