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Being a good host for your website is not unlike being a good host at a dinner party—we anticipate our guests’ needs, help them feel comfortable in our space by customizing their experience to their liking, and assure them they’ll get their coat back at the end of the night. DDEV-Live hosting is a solid choice because we communicate openly with our customers about possible improvements and upgrades, and we use monitoring data to proactively improve the platform and your experience. These pieces form a system we call our Intelligence Engine.

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A changing landscape for hosting

The hosting landscape is changing as workflow tools proliferate and each project becomes a complex digital experience requiring custom solutions. With such varying needs it has often been necessary for developers to build and maintain their own systems when they should be focusing on their core mission. DDEV’s dev-to-deploy platform supports these unique workflows and is installable on the cloud of your choice for data sovereignty and control.

With newer services like GatsbyJS and static sites gaining popularity we’re especially pleased to be able to support customized projects as well as “traditional” CMSs like Drupal and WordPress. As an open source product company with a focus on modern technology, we’ve had to change the way we think and work to deliver a quality experience for our users as site building methods have changed. Projects like Kubernetes, which we use to run DDEV-Live, build on in-depth enterprise knowledge and the open source values of collaboration that change the way we do business.

Thanks to the evolving possibilities available with containers, pods, and clouds we’re able to offer flexible solutions for all kinds of projects. Yes, we’re scalable, yes we’re elastic, but we’re also human and we provide you with real human support backed by data and expert experience — that is a big part of our Intelligence Engine.

What is the Intelligence Engine?

“Our entire purpose is to help the systems we’ve built become more intelligent, help engineers get better, help agencies get better … to increase success across the board.” – Kevin Bridges, CTO DDEV

The DDEV Intelligence Engine is an overarching concept that describes what we do with the data generated on our platform. We don’t just monitor your sites, we take that information, show it to you, and make recommendations on how you can improve your project. What we’re seeing is that new customers quickly get better at developing performant sites and wind up with cost-savings when they follow our recommendations. The Intelligence Engine gives you strong case studies and repeated successes to take on new clients of your own.

Continuous reporting and monitoring – We stay on the lookout for ways to help you by automating and constantly monitoring performance and scalability data generated by your project. The Intelligence Engine feeds on surfaced logs and data visualisation based on Prometheus monitoring and Grafana dashboards to generate a multidimensional understanding of your project. Disk I/O, memory usage, simple CSS/JS aggregation, and caching techniques are all areas we can help you immediately improve your project. DDEV team members provide value to you on an ongoing basis by feeding changes based on this information back into the system.

Proactive improvements – We’re doing so much more than just maintenance by actively working with performance data. Edge case incongruities are important to pay attention to because they often flag issues that can inform improvements—they also stick out like a sore thumb and trigger alerts when thresholds are crossed. Those alerts go into support channels, into VictorOps and other alerting systems so we can respond to them. We bring suggestions for adjustments back to you after combing through the alerts for patterns to identify areas that need more in depth attention.

We’re constantly learning new ways to improve our services for you, getting ahead of potential problems and the fundamental ways that the hosting and developer landscape continues to change. For example, we recently modified our backup system to take full advantage of the ephemeral nature of Kubernetes pods. With the help of tools like Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Helm we created a distributed, flexible system for backups. We’re using our expertise and experience to keep pace with the state of technology and even think ahead for you.

Open communication and transparency – All of this information feeds and fuels regular reports about what we’ve done for your project behind the scenes. If we see an outlier, we open a support ticket and notify you of the problem. Frequent communication reinforces safety during challenges and allows for healthy discussion and analysis to identify causes, solutions, and preventative actions. The combination of machine and human insights in our Intelligence Engine enhances our ability to be a good host to you.

We’re in this together

Safety and trust are key components of a long-term relationship. We work hard to maintain and improve our systems. We do this to give you the best possible service and give ourselves enough space and flexibility to respond to rapidly and unexpectedly changing factors and new challenges. We’re going to be right here communicating with you openly and clearly the whole way. Whether your project is large or small scale, a modern static site with an array of services, or a traditional CMS project, you’ll get the same quality experience with us.

We want you to feel welcome at our dinner table and not just return time after time but share your favorite pie recipe with us, too! Together, we can go beyond supporting your projects to redefining the possibilities ahead of you.

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