Drupal deployment workflow on DDEV

Screenshot showing a slide that reads "Deploy to DDEV-Live. Code, Database & Files"

DDEV Drupal development to deployment demo!

Yes, we’re fans of alliteration. We’re also fans of creating a straightforward workflow for you to take a PHP project from development to deployment as quickly and simply as possible. To that end, we’ve brought you DDEV-Local to get your projects started locally, and we now bring you DDEV-Live to take your projects through to production. 

At DrupalCon Amsterdam we shared a full end-to-end workflow demo using DDEV-Local, Drupal Umami, and DDEV-Live to show you how to set up an account on our Kubernetes-based DDEV-Live platform and connect your local project via GitHub. The video includes Drupal local development environment setup, connecting to the DDEV-Live platform, and deploying your Drupal project to DDEV-Live.

DDEV-Live cloud hosting early access sign-up

When you’re done watching the deployment workflow demo, sign up at ddev.com/trylive to give it a spin yourself and send us your feedback. By trying out the platform as an early access user you are helping to fine-tune the most important features and functions of the future platform for everyone, including future-you! Your comments will be integrated as we receive them to continuously improve the platform, and we have a couple of offers on hand in exchange for your time. Thank you 🙂

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