Drive Reliability with CI/CD: Integrate CircleCI with DDEV-Live

DDEV + CircleCI

In a tumultuous economic environment, a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) process will provide a safe harbor in the storm, enabling teams to drive consistency through reliability and repeatability. By automating and increasing the frequency of small, incremental changes in a project pipeline, it’s possible to reduce regressions, increase velocity, and support shared success. But, configuring all your CI/CD tools to work together can be a disruptive hurdle in and of itself.

Whether you’ve got a fully developed CI/CD pipeline in place or are looking to get started, DDEV delivers flexibility and straightforward integration to increase efficiency every step of the way. DDEV-Live is designed to help developers to take advantage of cutting edge cloud technology while allowing them to define their own workflows. The resulting hosting experience is simple, scalable, and easily integrates with your team’s existing processes and favorite CI/CD tools like CircleCI

CircleCI is an especially attractive option at a time when client needs are becoming increasingly variable. Just like DDEV-Live, CircleCI is there where you need it, offering a cloud based CI but also on-premises or private cloud connections for your sensitive workloads. For agencies new to standardized CI/CD processes, CircleCI is also incredibly approachable, helping teams reap the benefits of continuous integration and continuous delivery as fast as possible. 

Already using on CircleCI and need to quickly deploy a test site, or in the mood to reevaluate your existing CI/CD tools? Click below to read the tutorial and take DDEV-Live for a spin. Otherwise, continue reading to learn how your teams can benefit from integrating CircleCI with DDEV-Live. 

Flexibility Is Paramount for Agile Teams

Agency life is challenging in the best of times — throw in a global pandemic and you can quickly find yourself in a state of constant flux. With client and project requirements changing rapidly and revenue forecasts uncertain, tech leads have had to make tough calls for their teams. What do you do if the engineer who’s handling your deployments has to reduce their hours because they no longer have childcare? How do you continue driving consistency and parity when your tight-knit team of in-office workers is suddenly remote?

A well-engineered CI/CD process will help you reduce risk while increasing the velocity of software delivery. More importantly, it eliminates your dependency on siloed developer knowledge, enabling the agency to improve ownership and deliver uninterrupted value to clients. However, no CI/CD process is futureproof. Maybe last year’s projects were best served by the easily extensible Jenkins, but changing client needs have your team eyeing CircleCI because of its developer-driven configuration

Flexibility is paramount for agile, resilient teams at any stage of their CI/CD integration journey. DDEV-Live ushers in a scalable and dependable future of hosting that’s flexible enough to accommodate changing workflows and tools while working seamlessly across multiple CMSs like Drupal, TYPO3, WordPress, and other PHP applications.

Why CircleCI?

First off, it’s a time-saver: CircleCI’s orbs save you valuable developer time by allowing you to share reusable packages of YAML config across teams and projects, and even other SaaS providers. Plus, its core components come built-in — eliminating the hassle and overhead of managing legions of plugins. There’s also minimal troubleshooting since all builds start in a clean environment and can be debugged by any engineer using SSH.

To get you up and running, we’ve created a DDEV-Live orb with four available commands that will help you with install and authorizations, as well as allowing you to create new sites for every push that happens to the repository and delete sites following functional tests or reviews in a user acceptance testing (UAT) environment. Even if your clients use another hosting provider, you can set up previews of their projects by automatically deploying a test site via CircleCI onto DDEV-Live — saving the developer hours needed to go all the way to production. 

Ready to throw a few orbs at the wall and see what sticks for your team’s workflows? The best part is that connecting CircleCI to DDEV is as simple as this one-time setup: To get started, you’ll need a fully-configured account on DDEV-Live, a CircleCI organization configured to allow uncertified orbs, and a GitHub repository configured with the DDEV-Live GitHub app. Then you’ll follow this six-step process to connect your CI/CD pipeline with DDEV. 

Futureproof Your Team

No one has a clear roadmap for what challenges the future will hold. DDEV empowers your team with powerful, flexible technology whether you’re a small shop or agency with bespoke needs. No matter what path you take, you’ll be riding on the shoulders of proven open source giants like Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus, and more. As always, the DDEV team will be along for the ride with service guarantees for enterprise-level clients and product engineering teams on-call for everything from bug fixes to regular performance reviews. 

Want to kick the tires on DDEV-Live? To test things yourself, create your account to start a free 10-day trial. If you’d rather have one of us walk you through the bells and whistles, reach out today to book a demo and discuss how we can accommodate your requirements.

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