CI/CD integrations with DDEV-Live

DDEV-Live is a hosting solution that seamlessly integrates with existing Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) workflows to avoid human errors, advance users’ skills and productivity, and achieve 20-50% greater efficiency through repeatable processes. It’s not magic under the hood: DDEV is based on cloud-native principles, built on proven open source technology like Kubernetes, and backed by our innovative and dedicated team.

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Instill Flexible and Reliable Workflows

Implement Hassle-Free Integration:
Simple, one-time configuration to connect popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins on your own. No roadblocks, no learning curve — just an easy efficiency boost.

Skip the Support Tickets and Faulty Connections:
DDEV-Live’s reliable and well-documented CLI ensures simple integration into your existing workflows as a hosting platform or additional CI/CD tool.

Improve CI/CD Workflow Efficiency:
Run functional tests, automatically deploy to QA, test mobile devices, and share projects with clients in a user acceptance testing (UAT) environment.

Realize Value Beyond Hosting:
Send previews of client projects by automatically deploying a test site via popular tools like Jenkins onto DDEV-Live — skipping the hassle of going all the way to production and increasing the value provided to clients.

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Simplify Remote Work

Real-Time Collaboration:
Today’s web projects often require large, technically and geographically diverse teams to collaborate. DDEV-Local allows anyone — anywhere — to develop and test on their own machine, quickly deploy to QA on DDEV-Live, rapidly deliver code, and share projects with clients/team members.

Small steps:
Using CI/CD processes and tools allows all members of a team to deliver work through the pipeline in small increments, reducing surprises and problems when a project goes live. Smaller pieces of work are easier to track, and adding automation standardizes the system for everyone. DDEV-Live integrates with other CI/CD tools to provide a handy environment at every stage.

Your Tools, Your Way:
Client needs shift. Workflows change. DDEV allows you to stay relevant by offering on-the-fly adaptability to swap CI/CD tools to better fit your end-to-end workflows. Connect to popular solutions like Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, and more.

Increase the Value Provided to Your Clients

Drive Reliability:
Reduce human errors and build times by instilling repeatable processes in your development team’s workflow by connecting existing CI/CD routines.

Enable Self-Service: 
DDEV-Live lets you leverage the power of efficient CI/CD workflows by easily connecting familiar, proven tools — eliminating time-consuming learning curves and integration issues to keep costs low and dev teams happy.

Improve Buy-In:
Empower your developers to use the tools that make the most sense to them, skip the firefighting, and get back to showcasing the power of engaging digital experiences — faster than the competition.

Discover the DDEV-Live Difference

Advancing Developer Communities:
We’re committed to open source opportunities and projects, just like you. That’s why we built DDEV using proven technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Jenkins, and more. Our core communities include Drupal, TYPO3 CMS, and WordPress, as well as Gatsby, Backdrop, Sulu, Craft, Expression Engine and many more.

We offer freedom for developers:
DDEV-Live is flexible. Start from scratch, and feel free to build your CI/CD infrastructure the way it suits you. Or, integrate your existing CI/CD setup with DDEV. Wherever you are on your CI/CD journey, you can rely on DDEV to open doors, not constrain you to pre-determined toolsets.

Long-Term Adaptability:
The complexities of modern website projects, deployments, and hosting grow with each new platform, framework, and CMS. DDEV leverages modern cloud infrastructure to tame complexity and provide the flexibility to accommodate custom workflows and shifting business requirements.

Ongoing Support:
We’re committed to continuing to improve the platform and add the features you need, and always welcome conversations with our customers.

Watch how to integrate DDEV-Live with Jenkins:

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