TYPO3Con 2019 Wrap-Up

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Thank you, TYPO3Con!

We were pleased to sponsor the 14th International TYPO3 Conference in the Hague this October and grateful to be able to support TYPO3 users! The TYPO3 community is an energetic and driven space full of people who are eager to share ideas and get to work making things happen. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth, shared your knowledge in sessions, and especially to the organizers at MaxServ for putting the conference together.

The best part of conferences is having time to bring a group together quickly for discussion of new ideas and initiatives to work on remotely together. At TYPO3Con, we started a conversation about the patterns needed to establish good practices, standardizations, and reliability to shepherd projects from dev-to-deploy. Plans are still just kicking off but we hope to have more updates on this conversation soon!

Updates from DDEV-Live

Many of you stopped by our booth for an update on our DDEV-Live dev-to-deploy platform or to learn how DDEV-Local and DDEV-Live can help in your current workflows. We had a demo reel playing showing the deployment of a TYPO3 site from DDEV-Local to DDEV-Live using the latest version of the full platform. 

We’ve begun sharing access to the platform with early access users to get in-depth feedback, questions, and suggestions regarding the experience. With each round of reviews we can bring on more and more users, but we’re taking the time to integrate that feedback as we go so the experience is as robust as possible. Many of you are on the early access list and we are looking forward to sharing more with you very soon. 

In exchange for your time and effort in reviewing DDEV-Live, we’re making donations to a variety of open source projects from our shortlist. If you haven’t registered for our early access program, please sign up below and we’ll be in touch regarding the next steps.

Kevin Bridges presenting at TYPO3Con 2019

Help! I’m drowning in tools and technology

DDEV CTO Kevin Bridges presented on how to lead and succeed while facing the challenges and demands of the modern web. He talked about how a team can benefit from using tools (such as DDEV) that facilitate quick collaboration for any project on any machine at any stage in the process. View the slides for this presentation here. Video coming soon.

Panel discussion on the TYPO3Con main stage.

Panel: Business value of open source

A highlight of the conference was the panel discussion our CEO Steve Grandchamp participated in with Mathias Schreiber, CEO TYPO3 GmbH, Ben Marks, Magento/Adobe, Campbell Vertesi, Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft, Cecilia Fernandez de Cordoba, Senior Director DevOps at FICO, and Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire, Partner at Open Strategy Partners GmbH. 

It was fascinating and illuminating to hear everyone’s perspectives on the current landscape of open source projects and initiatives in the larger business world and how companies are adapting and adopting open source as a business strategy. Video coming soon.

Randy Fay and @Codemonkey1988 talking and gesturing at the DDEV booth at TYPO3Con


Randy Fay, developer and maintainer of DDEV-Local, was thrilled to be on site at TYPO3Con to talk with longtime users and contributors! There were also interesting conversations around DDEV support for Magento that we’re eager to follow up on. The TYPO3 community has been really wonderful to collaborate with on our open source local development environment so it was good to see folks in person. 🙂

Start with DDEV-Local here, and drop by Slack or StackOverflow to dig deeper

We’ll share all the recorded sessions from the event as soon as they are posted. If you need anything at all, you can always reach out to us at info@ddev.com, the #ddev channel in TYPO3 Slack, and on Twitter: #DDEV @Drud.

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