Introducing DDEV-Live Drupal hosting at DrupalCon

DDEV team member Jan talking to visitors at the booth

Thank you, DrupalCon Amsterdam!

We would like to extend a big Thank You to all the organizers and volunteers who helped make DrupalCon Amsterdam happen! Many community members contributed significant personal time and effort to make the event welcoming and useful for both attendees and those following along online. We were happy we could contribute ourselves as platinum sponsors and mentors on contribution day. All the recorded DrupalCon sessions are available to share and learn from for anyone in the Drupal community and beyond.

Our focus at DrupalCon was on offering time for new and existing DDEV users to meet one-on-one with our team members for in-depth conversations about our dev-to-deploy platform. Thank you very much to everyone who took us up on this offer! Your feedback, ideas, questions, and enthusiasm had real and immediate impact on our roadmaps for both DDEV-Local and DDEV-Live.

We are strong proponents of a “remote-first” work environment for our highly distributed team, which means that the opportunity to gather with our own team and many of you was both valuable and validating. DDEV CTO Kevin Bridges and Content Creator Elli Ludwigson also did a presentation that touched on some of the considerations our remote team has been working through to balance productivity with human compassion. We’re a small company doing big things, like building DDEV-Live hosting!

Hands-on time with DDEV for local development and cloud hosting

With three days in the exhibit hall we had lots of time for one-on-one sessions for both DDEV-Local and DDEV-Live users. We were especially excited to walk through how to deploy a project on DDEV-Live with a bunch of you; thank you for the real-time feedback! You can watch the DDEV dev-to-deploy demo video showing everything from local to live (with Umami!) to get an idea of the process.

Our goal is for DDEV to be a platform to support local to live workflows for all types of teams and projects. We’re always happy to hear about how you’re using DDEV-Local, and we collect your contributions in ddev-contrib and resources in awesome-ddev. The flexibility of the DDEV platform means you have the option of plugging various tools together to create your workflow of choice.

Start by setting up a project for local development with DDEV-Local, and drop by Slack or StackOverflow to ask questions or share your contributions. Then, learn how we’ll support your project launch with DDEV-Live— we’re offering remote one-on-one walkthroughs! Sign up below and we’ll be in touch to provision your trial account.

Kubernetes + Drupal for modern hosting

The highlights of DrupalCon included a couple of really excellent panel discussions on technical topics near and dear to us. First up was a panel organized by @schnitzel, How companies are currently using Kubernetes with Drupal. DDEV CTO Kevin Bridges joined Michael Schmid, Thom Toogood, Brad Jones, and Florian Loretan to talk about some of the joys and challenges of building with Kubernetes. 

We followed up the panel with a “Birds of a Feather” Kubernetes BoF session, which was recorded as well. Please join the Kubernetes x CMS community for regular special interest group (SIG) meetings, which are also announced in our Drupal Slack #kubernetes channel. It’s important that we work together across our open source communities like Kubernetes to build infrastructure capable of supporting all our projects into the future.

The “battle” of the local development tools

What’s even more exciting than containers and cloud hosting? Local development environments for Drupal! Randy Fay, developer and maintainer of DDEV-Local, joined a panel of other Docker-based local development environment experts to talk about the finer details of each tool. As Randy said, “All of these tools are aiming to solve the problem of unpredictable local development environments.”  

A big thank you to Ricardo Amaro for moderating, as well as the other panelists Mattias Michaux, Michael Schmid, Engin Yilmaz, and Mark Casias. Everyone bonded over our desires to create the perfect tool for a specific use-case and the overhead of maintaining that tool in perpetuity. There was also discussion of the possibility of combining efforts more in the future!

Combining DevOps and emotional intelligence

Finally, DDEV CTO Kevin Bridges and Content Creator Elli Ludwigson talked about Combining DevOps and Emotional Intelligence to support a remote startup team. Our key takeaways included that we’re all still learning, that tools are only part of the solution, and that we need to take the time to listen and understand what our team members are experiencing. It can feel like magic when you get it right, but there’s no “fairy dust” available to get there, just time and hard work. 

Hiker overlooking an impressive mountain range with arms spread. Slide text reads "DevOps is not Easy."

Want to learn more about DDEV-Live Drupal hosting? 

We’re winding down the year and starting to think about 2020! If you have time, we’d be very grateful for your feedback on DDEV-Live. Please sign up for early access, we’ve got a couple of nice thank you offers in return 🙂 

For in-depth questions and comments, please email us, for DDEV-Local collaborations and conversations there’s the #ddev channel in Drupal Slack, and please join us on Twitter: #DDEV @Drud.

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