Getting to know the TYPO3 community – event recap

TYPO3 Community Dinner

We had a fantastic time at the TYPO3 Conference in Berlin getting to know the TYPO3 professional community better. We’re very proud that this open source community has adopted our DDEV-Local development environment. It was thrilling to see how many developers are using it to make their workdays better. We were in Berlin show off our new-shiny, DDEV-Live hosting.

We also gave out “Golden Tickets” in the attendee goodie bags worth $150 in hosting credit to try our newly launch DDEV-Live hosting platform risk-free. Did you get one?

Impressions from the TYPO3 events

This was our first TYPO3 Conference. Halfway around the world from BADCamp, where we’d been a couple of days before, we walked into a hotel full of friends and advocates in Germany.

It was great to see how our tooling can make an impact across multiple communities and technologies. We also attended the TYPO3 Awards ceremony on the first night and made some new friends in a spectacular venue over dinner and drinks—nice way to get to know you, TYPO3!

Later that week, my colleague Jason Roberts followed up by attending TYPO3Camp Rhein-Ruhr where we got to meet more developers. This camp is run as an “unconference.” We had a time-slot set aside to show people how to use DDEV. TYPO3 GmbH CEO Matthias Schreiber joked it was too easy 🙂

Turbocharge your Agency with DDEV

The TYPO3 conference attracts people working at digital agencies and business leaders in the TYPO3 community. TYPO3 splits out their community events; apart from local meetups and regional camps, there are larger events focused on business, developers, user experience, higher education, and more. At this business-focused conference, some talks focused on running and scaling businesses; while the more technical talks connected the business outcomes to the latest capabilities of TYPO3. My session fit right in between. I spoke about Turbocharging your Agency, with Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire of Open Strategy Partners. This was partly a history of DRUD, our agency roots, and how we built DDEV to win back more time and deliver more value to clients; and partly about how tooling can help you do more and boost your business.

Feedback from the talk was flattering. Thanks so much to the attendees who came along to meet us.

The next TYPO3 Conference will be in The Hague, Netherlands in October 2019. We hope to see you there, too!

Working with the TYPO3 Community

At the conference, we got to sit down 1:1 and work with Benni Mack, TYPO3 CMS Core Team Lead and co-founder of the digital agency b:13. Here he is with Jason Roberts in the lobby of the nhow hotel venue.

Sitting together and working directly with the TYPO3 community was great. I gathered a lot of feedback and ideas for improving DDEV and our newly-launched DDEV-Live hosting platform.  We’re working to optimize, test, and improve the DDEV-Live infrastructure to be ready for TYPO3 … and a bunch of other technologies, too!

As I said, we’re very proud that the TYPO3 community has adopted our DDEV-Local development environment. One of the barriers to TYPO3 adoption for a long time was onboarding new users. We were told even for collaborative sprints, an entire day would be spent getting new contributors set up. TYPO3 contributor Wolfgang Wagner recently created a demo showing it takes under 3 mins now with DDEV-Local.

DDEV has been embraced by the community. It’s made it easier for people to spin up new projects. There are TYPO3/DDEV tutorials on YouTube, and TYPO3 contributor tutorials in documentation. What took hours before is now whittled down to minutes. This means more time for getting work done, more time on what matters. TYPO3 CMS community members have been contributing to DDEV-Local, too—thank you all! That has really inspired us, and we’re looking forward to working more closely with the TYPO3 community going forward.

Get a “Golden Ticket”

We gave out “Golden Ticket” vouchers at TYPO3 Con worth $150 in hosting credit to try our newly launched DDEV-Live hosting platform risk-free.

Would you like to try it out, too?

Here’s Jason, Steve, and Pete working away, enjoying the great trains in Germany. Follow us on Twitter for updates about the next events!

Photo by ål nik on Unsplash

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