DrupalCon Update from the DDEV Team

The DDEV Team!

Heading into day two of DrupalCon Nashville today! Our first day was a whirlwind of great conversations at our booth #604 and around the conference. We got the chance to explain what DDEV is all about (faster, better, simpler web development), answer a lot of questions … and we gave away a whole giant freezer of ice cream! 

You can come by and get icecream today too!

Try a demo and connect to the DDEV Hub at our booth #604

If you’re attending DrupalCon and you’re new to contribution, come stop by our booth to get ready to contribute to Drupal or Drupal Commerce. Drupal Commerce is running a week-long sprint and “training new contributors and working on the project together using sprint kits powered by DRUD’s DDEV local development environment.”

Kevin Bridges Co-Founder and Steve Grandchamp, CEO.

Check out Rick’s session tomorrow!

Join Rick for this talk: Estimates, Expectations, and Evolution During a Project’s Journey from RFP to Release

  • Day: Thursday, 12 April 2018
  • Time: 10:45-11:45
  • Room: 204 | Mediacurrent
  • Session Track: Project Management
  • Experience level: Intermediate

Read more about the ideas behind the talk here: The Website RFP & The Impossible-to-estimate G.I. Joe Line Item.

Test the DDEV Quicksprint toolkit

Even if you’re not able to attend, you can help out by reviewing the tools we’re using to get new contributors up to speed. Randy Fay and a group of great Drupal Core Mentors have been getting the DDEV Quickstart toolkit ready for the code sprints this Friday! Check the releases to find the latest for review.

The Quicksprint toolkit does three things:

  1. Gets the OS specific version of Docker installed.
  2. Installs DDEV-Local.
  3. Triggers DDEV to get a fresh Drupal 8 site up.

This is part of our Sprint Kit to help open source leaders onboard new contributors fast.

Visitor talking with Kevin Bridges and Cameron Eagans


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