DrupalCon Seattle Wrap-up

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Our time at DrupalCon Seattle strongly reinforced the core principles and values we’ve been building our tools on. We’re always excited to share updates and benefits of our DDEV local development environment and hosting platform, but even better is hearing what you’ve been working on and where your interests lie. The most valuable experiences at DrupalCon were all about working together and supporting success for as many people as we can.

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Thank you, DrupalCon Seattle!

With only two days of time on the exhibit hall floor we were bustling at the booth! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to explore and chat about your experiences with DDEV. We gave away all our t-shirts and flash-drives loaded with DDEV Quicksprint toolkits, and we doubled our contact list ?

Plus, if you snagged a golden ticket at the booth or found it printed in your program, you can now redeem it to get on the early access list for our Kubernetes-based hosting platform, DDEV-Live. We’ll be rolling out access to small groups of users this year and are super eager to hear what you think. Redeem here: ddev.com/early-access

Kevin, our CTO, gave a very brief talk on how having a clearly defined plan that the entire team bought into allowed us to adapt and adjust our hosting platform to take full advantage of Kubernetes.

On Thursday at DrupalCon we also gathered up a few folks who share our interest in working with Kubernetes operators and controllers to solve common hosting challenges as we continue building DDEV-Live hosting. As a result of this BoF there is now an active #kubernetes channel in Drupal Slack and plans for a regular special interest group (SIG) meeting. If this sounds like something you’d like to participate in, please check in that channel for news, updates, and meeting times and/or follow us on Twitter.

Speaking of cross-community collaboration, it was our pleasure to spend time with Benni Mack, technical lead of TYPO3 CMS, while he was at DrupalCon! We talked about common pain points, how each of our open source communities manages contribution, and how we can help each other in the future. Hoping to see more of the TYPO3 community at events later this year!

The best day of a week at DrupalCon is always contribution day, when new contributors can join the Drupal community with the support of an amazing team of mentors. Thank you especially to the mentors who ran the first time contributors workshop to orient new contributors and help install the local development toolset for those who needed it. If you’d like to get started contributing, just head for github.com/drud/quicksprint to try it yourself.

Product updates

Organizations that contribute to Drupal, Drud is highlighted for sponsoring contribution tools

As Dries mentioned in his keynote at DrupalCon, we’ve sponsored and supported the Quicksprint package as a tool for new contributors to the Drupal project. DDEV-Local has also been added to the Drupal 8 Official Docs to help users get started installing Drupal on their local machine. It’s been a pleasure to work with other members of the Drupal community to clarify how DDEV can help. Please drop by the #ddev channel in Drupal Slack if you have questions.

Development of our DDEV-Live hosting platform is rapidly gaining velocity thanks to our team’s hard work on the API and some exciting conversations about Kubernetes coming out of DrupalCon. We’ve also been focusing on a migration to Google Cloud services and are pleased to see all these pieces coming together into the installable platform we envisioned. We’ll be sharing hosting updates with everyone regularly over the coming months and sharing access with early adopters as services become available.

Keep an eye out here on the blog and on Twitter for a series of posts called “CTO’s Corner” in which we’ll dig into the architecture, open source theory, and benefits of DDEV-Live as the platform starts rolling out. Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you get all the updates.

DDEV ebook & training

Curious how you can get the most out of DDEV-Local for your projects? Our friend Mike Anello runs regular training sessions online and has written an ebook on DDEV for your reference. To receive a complimentary copy of the ebook or a special deal for the course please drop us an email. The next classes are May 8 and June 12.

Next up:

Kevin will be speaking on a panel on DevTools at Boulder Startup Week on May 13th! If you’re in the area or already attending the event be sure to stop by, it’s an honor to be included on this panel. For more on our developments and upcoming events, please join us:

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