DrupalCon Nashville: New DDEV Users, Contribution with Quicksprint, and more

DDEV DrupalCon Nashvile 2018 Booth

Going into DrupalCon Nashville, we were excited to have nearly the entire DDEV team at our first big event together. We had the DDEV Quicksprint toolkit ready to support the contribution sprints on Friday and we were raring to show off DDEV, our open source dev-to-deploy platform, at our sponsor booth.

Showing off DDEV-Local to all comers, we gleaned lots of insight into how Drupal developers like to work and we’re excited about all the new users who are evaluating our tool. Between our GitHub repo and our beautiful wooden DDEV Hub (handcrafted by our own Cameron Eagan), hundreds of people downloaded DDEV-Local to try it out.

We came out of the week with our heads full of ideas from the dozens of presentations, BoFs, and conversations we were part of about improving the development workflow and especially centering on a local development solution for Drupal. A special shout-out here to Jeff Geerling, who also did a comparison of Drupal local development environments and how the evaluator experience could be improved. This lead to a few BoFs and lots of discussions. We’re excited to see this happen, too!

Quicker Sprinting with DDEV Quicksprint!

As a company and individuals, the DDEV team is actively contributing to open source when and where we can. Time-to-success is important (and has been a major barrier) for turning first-time code- or contribution-sprinters into second-time, and long-term contributors. We recognized that we could do something to ease the pain of getting newcomers to their first contribution. That’s why we’ve developed the Sprint Kit and then turned our focus to helping out with sprint planning in the run-up to the DrupalCon Sprint day on Friday. We contributed DDEV Quicksprint, a toolkit that makes sprint prep faster. If you’re planning a sprint, you can use Quicksprint to produce a .zip archive that includes everything you need to get contributors up and running. In a few commands, you get all the Docker installers, DDEV, and a pre-built Drupal 8 repo–a full local development environment ready for any contribution task! And it works on Mac, Linux, and Windows!

Quicksprint prepares sprint mentors and sprint leads with everything they need to install Drupal offline (no more bringing down the conference WiFi when everyone is trying to download masses of repos!) and fast. To distribute it quickly, sprint leads in Nashville used Resilio to distribute a torrent across participants. Mentors were excited to reduce the time to get set up. Windows users were excited that they had a supported option available to them.

A huge thank you to DDEV engineer Randy Fay and Drupal core contribution mentor Brian Gilbert for leading this project. Thanks also to Jeff Geerling, Mathew Radcliff, and Angie “Webchick” Byron for a ton of testing. Thanks so much to all the mentors and contributors who tested and helped out making DDEV Quicksprint a success; absolutely tremendous work.

If you’re running a contribution sprint at your next meetup or DrupalCamp, consider using Quicksprint. Run one script to build a package with the latest versions of Drupal, Docker, and DDEV. You can have confidence that you can people set up for contribution success quickly, no matter what operating system they have.

Catch up on DrupalCon sessions

Thanks to the  Drupal Association, you don’t have to wait to catch up on sessions you missed at the Con. In my presentation, Estimates, Expectations, and Evolution During a Project’s Journey from RFP to Release, I talked about how you can start off with coarse estimates during the RFP and presales processes and improve these estimates over time as you bring your project through discovery, design, development, and deployment. You can also read more in my post about the Journey from RFP to Release at DrupalCon Nashville.

In his DrupalCon keynote, project lead, Dries Buytaert spoke about growing adoption, focusing on Improving the Technical Evaluation Process first. He cited a blog post by Matthew Grasmick who compared the novice’s first impression of Drupal to other PHP frameworks. It took so long, and so many clicks to install Drupal that he eventually stopped counting. Our ears perked up because this is exactly what we address with DDEV-Local (and Quicksprint). We simplify the process to literally a couple of command line commands; it takes less than two minutes to install Drupal 8 (not counting possible download time).

See you soon!

If we missed you at DrupalCon, we hope to see you somewhere else soon! We’ll be at DevOps Days Boise, Drupal Camp Asheville 2018, Drupal Europe, and community events in a few other open source communities. Keep an eye on our Events Calendar for more updates soon.

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