Drupal Europe Wrap-up!

Drupal Europe Venue

We just returned from Drupal Europe in Darmstadt, Germany. With DrupalCon Europe on hiatus for a year, the European Drupal community decided to take the challenge of running a volunteer-led event. Thanks to the people behind Drupal Europe for running a fantastic event!

News from Drupal Europe

Dries gave his State of Drupal keynote announcing the improvement of the release process, making Drupal easier to upgrade and the release cycle more reliable. Drupal’s “heartbeat” is stronger with 10% more contributors, and 46% more stable modules available for Drupal 8 compared to a year ago.

Our big news at DRUD Tech was that we unveiled the integration with our hosting service so you can use DDEV tooling for your team right through from dev-to-deploy. We gave demos at our booth, showing our vision in practice: to provide the same ease of use you get with DDEV-Local for local development and apply that to deployment and hosting. We spoke with many agencies that use a number of CMSs and frameworks and host on different platforms. DDEV is the tool to connect them all.

Connecting the DevOps dots

We sponsored the DevOps track and for us, the main theme for Drupal Europe was DevOps—connecting the dots between business and leadership to the revolution happening between development and operations.

Following on from our recent blog series capturing key DevOps concepts our team and partners gave a series of related presentations:

In Why DevOps, Containers, and Tooling Matter in Digital Transformation, our CEO Steve Grandchamp, and Tracy Evans of Open Strategy Partners spoke about the business value of the direct line from containers through DevOps to digital transformation.

In The Way We Work: Culture, Communication, and Containers, Elli Ludwigson and I spoke about applying DevOps principles to the flow of work in web development agencies.

Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire from Open Strategy Partners filled us in on some important non-technical aspects of DevOps practice in his talk, DevOps 101: building blameless, systematic, intentional culture at your organization.

In my second session, Open Source Engagement to Empower Business, I spoke about how the principles in open source contribution can be used to empower and motivate your teams.

Any recorded sessions may be found on YouTube.

Making connections across communities

We’re proud that DDEV provides a kind of universal adaptor for organizations that use different CMSs and frameworks. You can use it to build and manage websites in Drupal, TYPO3 CMS, WordPress, and any PHP application. It is important to us to continue to pursue the potential for DDEV to help connect open source communities and projects.

That’s why it was so exciting to have visitors from the TYPO3 CMS project at Drupal Europe. TYPO3 has a strong community in Germany, so this was a great opportunity for them to come along and build bridges between the two communities.

Here I am chatting with Benni Mack, co-founder of b13 agency and TYPO3 Core Team Lead.

Benni Mack and Kevin Bridges at Drupal Europe
Photo credit: Elli Ludwigson

TYPO3 GmbH CEO, Mathias Schreiber even stopped by to get a sticker for his laptop.

Contribution is a marathon, not a sprint

There was plenty of space to collaborate and connect at Drupal Europe. Digital signage listed BoFs alongside sessions, the open web lounge gave people a space for conversation beyond the busy “hallway track,” and we also liked the emphasis on “contribution” rather than “sprints”.


New and experienced contributors alike joined daylong mentor-led contribution events on the Monday and Friday bookending Drupal Europe. Andrew French of DRUD and Elli Ludwigson of Open Strategy Partners helped contributors get set up with DDEV’s Quicksprint kit. This prepares contribution mentors and participants with everything they need to install Drupal offline and fast. No more bringing down the conference WiFi!

Drupal Europe - Photo Credit Elli Ludwigson
Drupal Europe – Photo Credit Elli Ludwigson

We’re proud that DDEV makes it fast and easy to get people set up for coding contributions in a few minutes. Set-up used to take hours (or even days!) and discouraged a lot of people from ever sprinting a second time. Now mentors can get enthusiastic newcomers up-and-running fast enough for them to come back hungry for more. If you’re running a contribution event at your next meetup or DrupalCamp, consider using Quicksprint. Run one script to build a package with the latest versions of Drupal, Docker, and DDEV. You can have confidence that contributors will be set up for contribution success quickly, no matter what operating system they have.

What’s next?

If we missed you at Drupal Europe, we hope to see you somewhere else soon! Keep an eye on our Events Calendar for more updates soon. Our next big Drupal event will be BADCamp, October 24-27. It’s another volunteer-led event, and completely free to attend. Join us for the DevOps Summit there. We’re excited to be at TYPO3Con, October 30-31 2018 in Berlin, too.

DrupalCon Europe 2019 be in Amsterdam and will be held from 28 October – 1 November, 2019. We’re looking forward to it!

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