Drupal Camp Florida Wrap-Up


We had a very productive time at Drupal Camp Florida last weekend! Thank you to the organizers for all your hard work and to the attendees for your enthusiasm. The camp was a great chance to talk with so many of you about our shared values, projects, and long term goals.

The open source ethos is all about working together and using existing technology to create something bigger. That’s what we’re doing with our hosting platform and local development environment, and that’s what we saw reflected in conversations around the camp. Join our newsletter to hear more about releases and platform updates as they roll out:

Highlights from the Camp

An active community and a supportive culture are the bedrock of a long term viable strategy. This was clearly highlighted in several sessions over the weekend in Florida, and it was really good to see that agreement. We’re all talking more about how to improve and develop our culture and systems, how to support our teams and continue to create complex projects.

One Foot In Front of the Other

Our CTO Kevin Bridges gave a session on DevOps methodology with a focus on planning and managing a team (or yourself) for reasonable levels of productivity. Kevin showed everyone some of the ways in which work on DDEV products is structured using goals, initiatives, epics, milestones, and tasks. He really drove home the point that it doesn’t matter as much what tools you use as it does how you take care of the people involved so they can do their best work. Takeaways included balanced planning to avoid burnout, team morale checks, and mapping out your goals and the steps to get to them.

You can check out the entire session here on Drupal.tv

Kevin presenting at Drupal Camp Florida. Slide is a quote from Randy Fay reading "people need to know that their life is more important than the project they are working on"

Local Environments Roadshow

A massive Thank You to AmyJune Hineline for organizing a panel on local development environments and inviting us to participate! This was a truly great discussion between the folks behind Lando, Flight Deck, Docksal and DDEV. There seemed to be agreement that there is a tool for every job and we’re all pleased to provide an array of Docker-based solutions for users to choose from.

Listen to the full conversation here.

Coming soon…

Our mission is to support other people’s work, so we’re eager to hear more from you about how DDEV-Local and DDEV-Live can be the most use to you. Find us at our next events, Drupal Camp London or DrupalCon Seattle, to learn more about what we can offer you.

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