Come meet the DDEV Team at DrupalCon Nashville!

We’re going to DrupalCon Nashville next week. We’re excited to meet you at our booth, in BoFs, and sprints. Here’s where you can find us.

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Come meet the DDEV Team

At every event, companies have to choose what they sponsor. For DrupalCon Nashville, we doubled-down on the snacks. What do we have for you? Popcorn! Ice cream! Beer! Wine! Because we know popcorn and ice cream make people smile. The beer and wine can be nice, too. Catch us at the opening reception where we’re sponsoring drinks and snacks.

Of course, you know we have an ulterior motive. We want to you to stop by our booth, say hi, and get setup for faster, simpler, web development with DDEV-Local and learn about our whole DDEV platform.

Just about all of our engineering team will be at DrupalCon. And we’re very proud to introduce Jason Roberts, hosting engineer and cloud systems architect, to his first DrupalCon. We’re also bringing along our investors, it’s their first open source event, and we’re delighted they can meet you, the Drupal community!

Presentation: Estimates, Expectations, and Evolution During a Project’s Journey from RFP to Release

Rick will talk about improving and refining estimates as a project evolves from rough ideas to being released into the wild to increasingly refined estimates. Come see: Estimates, Expectations, and Evolution During a Project’s Journey from RFP to Release.

Speaker: Rick Manelius, Chief Product Officer, DDEV

Date: Thursday, April 12

Time: 10:45-11:45 a.m.

Room: 204 | Mediacurrent

Session Track: Project Management

Experience level: Intermediate

Get setup to contribute with DDEV-Local

We are building a consistent set of tools for events like DrupalCon and DrupalCamps that makes it easier for newcomers to get setup to sprint.

Stop by our booth to get setup with DDEV-Local

We’ll walk you through getting ready to contribute to Drupal core and Drupal Commerce. It only takes a few minutes!

Contribute to Drupal with Quicksprint – a bundle with Drupal and DDEV-Local

DrupalCon Nashville Sprints happen alongside the main event all week April 9-12 in Rooms 104A-C at Music City Center. Then, you can join the Sprint Day on Friday, April 14. DrupalCon sprints are free to attend Tuesday through Friday at the DrupalCon venue.

For those new to contribution, we know one of the biggest hurdles is getting a local development environment set up. Even if you contributed to earlier version of Drupal, the addition of Composer in Drupal 8 has added an extra challenge. We’re here to help and make it simple.

We’re delighted to sponsor Brian Gilbert from Reality Loop in his recent work on community contribution tooling, especially for first-time sprinters. Brian will be helping out at the sprints remotely. As Brian said, “If you’re attending a DrupalCon and not attending the sprints, you’re really missing out on a quite large part of the DrupalCon experience; just one of the reasons I would urge anyone interested to get involved and contribute.”

Check out Quicksprint. It’s a toolkit that does three things:

  1. Gets the OS specific version of Docker installed.
  2. Installs DDEV-Local.
  3. Triggers DDEV to get a fresh Drupal 8 site up.

There are other nice to have features to make it even easier for newcomers. Even if you can’t attend, you can help out by reviewing the toolkit.

Get setup to contribute to Drupal Commerce

Commerce Guys use DrupalCon as a chance to bring people together to talk about Drupal, retail, and e-commerce. They also hold sprints to help contributors work together at the event. I met Ryan Szarma at DrupalCamp London recently and he said setting up local workspaces is always a hurdle for people who would really love to jump in, test, and contribute. So we decided to help! If you’re a newcomer to contributing to Drupal Commerce, stop by our booth and we’ll get you set up and ready to go.

Connect to The DDEV Hub

#DDEV’s got your back. Go make your CMS awesome.” – The DDEV Team

Planning a contribution sprint? DDEV has got your back. We open sourced a Brilliant Sprint Guide for planning contribution sprints not that long ago. Now we’re back with its physical counterpart, the DDEV Hub! Our engineer, Cameron Eagans, has been toiling away in his workshop building a special tool. This isn’t a piece of software, it’s a stand-alone hub with everything you need (CMS, Composer, dependencies, tools) to get up-and-contributing even at events where you don’t have reliable internet access, or where you might overwhelm the WiFi. With the DDEV Hub, everyone can get setup and contributing. Cameron gave us a sneak peek at his work in progress.

Come say hi!

Stop by our booth and talk to us about how we can simplify web development workflows or how you can handle critical updates faster.

We’re also sponsoring some excellent people in the community. Our strategic partner, Open Strategy Partners, has been helping us with strategy, marketing and communications. OSP partners Tracy Evans and Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire will be joining us at DrupalCon and would love to talk with you about what we’re up to. We’re also proud sponsors of a great DrupalCon tradition, the DrupalCon Prenote. Come see jam and a crew of Drupal community members in the Grand Ole Drupry Prenote Show, Tuesday morning bright and early, 8 a.m. in the keynote hall, Hall A.

If you are already using DDEV-Local, we’d love to meet you. Come to talk with us about what you like about our tools, and what we could be doing better?

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