Watch: DDEV From Scratch with macOS

August 13, 2020 2 min read

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DDEV is a local development environment based on Docker containers that gets you up and working on your project fast. Configuring Docker for local development performance is no longer a dark art when all the benefits are wrapped in a user friendly tool like DDEV. When you’re ready for additional configuration and customization, you wont be starting from scratch with your docker-compose.yaml and can lean on the expertise of the DDEV community.

In this screencast I’ll walk you through the first time set up of Docker, Homebrew, some initial configuration and optimization you might consider, and getting started with a basic project. We’ll use a Composer-managed Drupal 9 project as an example, but we have a handful of quickstart recipes for other CMSs not to mention a huge variety of PHP projects and more that will happily run in DDEV.

After watching this tutorial, you’ll be able to run websites on your computer with no configurations needed and have hundreds of sites with different configurations available locally, all because Docker does the heavy lifting, while DDEV does the simplifying. Whether you’re a solo engineer, or a member of a team, DDEV will help you to be more efficient. After all, we’re all about Advancing Developer Communities.

This screencast references the regular DDEV documentation:

Here’s the video table of contents (opens in YouTube):

  • What is DDEV (0:35)
  • Install Homebrew (optional) (2:27)
  • Install Docker Desktop for Mac (2:58)
  • Install DDEV (4:05)
  • Enable NFS (6:21)
  • Create a trivial “junk” project (9:15)
  • Create a Drupal 9 project (12:40)
  • Learn a few DDEV commands (17:10)
  • DDEV Resources (19:42)