Rick Manelius

Rick Manelius

Rick graduated from MIT with a BS and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering (where he also coached track and field) and quickly became a valued member of the team shortly after joining newmedia in 2012. If you ever want to know about the quantum electrodynamic interactions of carbon nanotube systems, he’s your guy! In addition to his considerable talent in all things technical, his specific expertise is in understanding the big picture, and helping identify challenges and provide solutions long before a problem has a chance to develop. His analogous nickname here is the Swiss Army Knife. Rick’s a software developer, media technologist and project manager, but please don’t ask him to design anything. We all have our limits. Rick loves to learn, share, and connect with like-minded people, and he lives in the greater Denver area with his wife Emily and their dog Linus.

Posts by Rick Manelius:

Handing Over the Baton

In 4th grade, my future track coach observed me attempting to clear 4’ in the HJ. My mom gushes with pride when she retells the story that “Coach immediately turned to me and said ‘I want him!’” That moment was the inception point of a successful, two-decade-long career. I was a New York State champion … Continued

DDEV v1.1.0 – Snapshots, hostname removal, Drush on host, Docker 18.06

We’ve just released DDEV v1.1.0! With database snapshotting we’re making it easier for you to avert database deletion disasters, read on for more highlights. DDEV UI is coming soon. Sneak peek for our newsletter subscribers next week. Important upgrade notes for DDEV v1.1.0. Recover quickly with DDEV database snapshots. And more news for those who … Continued

DDEV: Looking Back, Looking Forward

This article is rewritten based on an interview with Rick Manelius. The recent DDEV 1.0.0 release has given us a moment to look back over the last year and look forward to what is coming next. Our vision was to produce a tool to allow you to set up local development environments in minutes. It’s … Continued

DDEV-Local Release v0.20.0 – sudo and a peek into the roadmap ahead

We’re delighted to share DDEV-Local v0.20.0 with you. We’ve addressed a number of bug fixes and provided a few enhancements that will improve your overall experience. Additionally, with renewed energy and ideas coming as a result of our company onsite, we’ve been working away on the product vision and our Roadmap (more to come!) How … Continued

On the road with DDEV

It’s the height of tech event season and we’re on the road. We’re proud to sponsor events across our users’ communities. Where we can, we’re attending and volunteering too, sometimes virtually! You can check our event calendar to see where we’re at. Here are some important dates for the upcoming months. Meet the DDEV team … Continued

Getting On the Same (Web) Page by Standardizing Local Development

As agency teams adopt DevOps culture and practices, their ability to achieve peak performance through continuous improvements on processes and practice becomes limited if they are unwilling to standardize tools and workflows. Having a reliable local development environment is a foundational part of that practice because it is the interface between a developer and the … Continued

DDEV-Local Release v0.18.0 – Easier XDebug, Windows installer and more

We’re happy to announce our latest DDEV-Local release v0.18.0. This includes XDebug improvements, more robust Windows support, and smoother upgrade paths. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what we have for you in this release. Massively simplified XDebug configuration Before, in order to configure XDebug, users had to set a host IP address, … Continued