Randy Fay

Randy Fay

Randy loves dueling with computers and his career has spanned Apple ][ home automation, Unix/Linux kernel driver development, Windows, Drupal, and loads of fun system administration and DevOps work. After years of Drupal work he's delighted to be working on DDEV-Local, which provides an easy way to do web development locally.

Posts by Randy Fay:

Supercharge your DDEV performance with Mutagen

Ddev v1.18.0-alpha1 introduces a new performance improvement based on Mutagen.io. It eliminates the required wait time when a bind-mounted file is accessed inside (or outside) the container. The improvements for general web activity are quite striking, as shown in the graphs below. On macOS, a Drupal 9 web installation can be twice as fast as … Continued

Watch: DDEV-Local New Casual Webhosting Feature

DDEV-Local‘s v1.16 release has support for “Casual webhosting including Let’s Encrypt.” DDEV users have often requested the ability to use ddev as a self-managed low-end webserver, for things like small sites or sharing pre-release code, etc, and now it has arrived. Why “Casual Webhosting”? Ever since the beginning of DDEV-Local, folks have found its simplicity … Continued

Watch: DDEV-Live Preview Feature

In this screencast we’ll quickly create a DDEV-Live site from a local project, then make changes, push them up to a pull request on GitHub, then get the DDEV-Live bot to create a preview URL and site specific to that PR. What is DDEV-Live? DDEV-Live is our managed hosting service. You can interact with it … Continued

Watch: DDEV-Local on ARM64 Raspberry Pi

DDEV-Local v1.16 now supports the ARM64 architecture on Linux and Windows WSL2. You can read all about ARM64 and what it means to the world (and to DDEV) in the previous blog on ARM64, Apple Silicon, and Apple’s M1 chip. Since I don’t have a big machine to test with, I got the ARM64-based Raspberry … Continued

ARM64! Apple Silicon! M1! DDEV-Local! What does it all mean?

Update 2020-12-16: An Apple Silicon M1 pre-release of DDEV-Local is now available in DDEV releases! There is information there on how to get the latest prerelease for Docker Desktop for Mac on M1. ARM64 is the new word of the day all over the place since Apple has switched their hardware platform to “Apple Silicon,” … Continued

Watch: DDEV-Local, PhpStorm, and Xdebug Debugging

The days of print-debugging are long behind us! Xdebug and PHP IDEs have made that approach unwieldy, but often the configuration between your IDE, PHP, webserver, and Docker is challenging and fragile. Enter our open source local development environment, DDEV-Local. The combination of PhpStorm and DDEV-Local‘s plug-and-play approach to debugging makes those configuration struggles obsolete. … Continued

Watch: DDEV-Local From Scratch with macOS

DDEV-Local is a local development environment based on Docker containers that gets you up and working on your project fast. Configuring Docker for local development performance is no longer a dark art when all the benefits are wrapped in a user friendly tool like DDEV-Local. When you’re ready for additional configuration and customization, you wont … Continued

Watch: DDEV-Local from scratch with Windows WSL2

WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2) is finally generally available on recent editions of Windows! Because of Docker’s great support for WSL2, it’s now the preferred way to run your DDEV-Local development environment on Windows. DDEV-Local on WSL2 is as fast as DDEV-Local on Linux, but you have all the Windows niceties you love … Continued