Randy Fay

Randy Fay

Randy loves dueling with computers and his career has spanned Apple ][ home automation, Unix/Linux kernel driver development, Windows, Drupal, and loads of fun system administration and DevOps work. After years of Drupal work he's delighted to be working on DDEV-Local, which provides an easy way to do web development locally.

Posts by Randy Fay:

DDEV macOS Docker Desktop/Colima/Mutagen Benchmarking updated Dec 2022

I wrote about performance comparisons between Docker Desktop and Colima on macOS both with and without Mutagen in March, 2022, and wanted to update the numbers. Things are looking great everywhere. There are now many more permutations, though. Colima has 9p and VirtioFS file mounting, and Docker Desktop’s VirtioFS implementation now works well (and is … Continued

What’s so different about DDEV?

In 2022, users from designers to developers to testers and open source contributors have a wide variety of local development environments to chose from. Because most of the tools and platforms we use will run in many different operating systems and environments, we have the option of rolling our own, using a commercial project like … Continued

Beware of Dirty Pipes and Docker Desktop on Windows!

TL;DR: On Windows, if you use WSL2 for anything, make sure you enable “Windows Update” → “Advanced Options” -> Receive updates for other Microsoft Products” so that your WSL2 kernel gets updated, whether you’re using traditional Windows or WSL2 for development. One of the great things about DDEV is that it has huge test coverage. … Continued

Platform.sh becomes a Lead Sponsor of DDEV!

Although many of you know this, I wanted to make a formal announcement of some great news. Platform.sh has stepped up to become a lead sponsor of the DDEV open-source project!  Platform is committed to the long-term viability of the project and to encourage development of a diverse group of contributors and co-maintainers. Platform is … Continued

Docker Desktop Alternatives Arrive for DDEV (Colima!)

I’m sure you already know that Docker Desktop changed its license terms so that larger organizations are required to pay a per-seat license fee to use it now. We all hope that Docker does well and certainly there’s nothing wrong with an organization charging for its work, but there are many organizations that are uncomfortable … Continued

Docker Desktop and Colima Benchmarking on macOS

There’s been lots of excitement about the new docker-based performance options on macOS with DDEV lately. In DDEV v1.19 Colima is a new option, and Colima with Mutagen enabled is screaming fast. But Docker Desktop has just released an experimental VirtioFS filesystem mounting system that is much faster than previous iterations. So I was interested … Continued

Supercharge your DDEV performance with Mutagen

Ddev v1.18.0-alpha1 introduces a new performance improvement based on Mutagen.io. It eliminates the required wait time when a bind-mounted file is accessed inside (or outside) the container. The improvements for general web activity are quite striking, as shown in the graphs below. On macOS, a Drupal 9 web installation can be twice as fast as … Continued

Watch: DDEV-Local New Casual Webhosting Feature

DDEV-Local‘s v1.16 release has support for “Casual webhosting including Let’s Encrypt.” DDEV users have often requested the ability to use ddev as a self-managed low-end webserver, for things like small sites or sharing pre-release code, etc, and now it has arrived. Why “Casual Webhosting”? Ever since the beginning of DDEV-Local, folks have found its simplicity … Continued