Kevin Bridges

Kevin Bridges

Kevin Bridges is a long-time internet veteran who has actively been involved with internet systems development since 1992. He has been an integral component helping to deliver some of the largest and most complex Drupal sites in existence. He has a deep understanding of automation, security and performance implications and brings passion in these areas to the team. Kevin served as the DevOps North American Global Track Chair for the Drupal Association and has worked with outstanding organizations ranging from the Bonnier Corporation, to to Acquia. He has been involved in Drupal as a contributor since 2004 and helped establish Colorado as a Drupal hub. Kevin brings the concepts of DevOps and Open Source to organizations to help them realize modern techniques of automation, testing, scalability, predictability and metric driven results. His skills, from project management, to systems architecture and automation have helped numerous clients realize their goals.

Posts by Kevin Bridges:

DDEV in 2021

I began working on the DDEV platform concept in February of 2013, motivated by the desire to allow the individual web developer to remain relevant. As I reflect on where we started in 2013 and what lies in front of us for 2021, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude and excitement … Continued

Release notes: DDEV Platform 23 November 2020

Installation/Upgrade: If you’re new to DDEV-Live, please follow the Getting Started Guide. For existing users, be sure you have the latest version of the ddev-live cli via brew or download. Important extra step! If you have the DDEV-Live App installed on your GitHub account, you will need to visit the application settings and accept the … Continued

The DDEV Story

Why did we build local development and web hosting solutions? The complexity of early enterprise Drupal projects such as demonstrated the difficulty of moving between stages in the development process and replicating the stresses of the production site during development. Every team member had to configure their local AMP stack for every project they … Continued

DrupalCon Seattle Wrap-up

Our time at DrupalCon Seattle strongly reinforced the core principles and values we’ve been building our tools on. We’re always excited to share updates and benefits of our DDEV local development environment and hosting platform, but even better is hearing what you’ve been working on and where your interests lie. The most valuable experiences at … Continued

Drupal Camp Florida Wrap-Up

We had a very productive time at Drupal Camp Florida last weekend! Thank you to the organizers for all your hard work and to the attendees for your enthusiasm. The camp was a great chance to talk with so many of you about our shared values, projects, and long term goals. The open source ethos … Continued

Meet up with the DDEV team in early 2019

Coming soon to an open source community event near you: us! We’re very pleased to be able to sponsor and attend three upcoming Drupal events: Drupal Camp Florida, Drupal Camp London, and DrupalCon Seattle. We’d like to take the opportunity to share what we’ve been up to developing DDEV-Local and DDEV-Live, some tidbits of wisdom … Continued

Intelligence Engine: Long-Term Partnership with DDEV

Being a good host for your website is not unlike being a good host at a dinner party—we anticipate our guests’ needs, help them feel comfortable in our space by customizing their experience to their liking, and assure them they’ll get their coat back at the end of the night. DDEV-Live hosting is a solid … Continued

Getting to know the TYPO3 community – event recap

We had a fantastic time at the TYPO3 Conference in Berlin getting to know the TYPO3 professional community better. We’re very proud that this open source community has adopted our DDEV-Local development environment. It was thrilling to see how many developers are using it to make their workdays better. We were in Berlin show off … Continued

BADCamp Conference post-event round-up

The theme this year at BADCamp was the greatest show on Earth: a circus full of fun. Thanks to everyone who joined us for our DevOps After Dark happy hour on Thursday evening! It was an amazing event; We were pleased to provide a space for everyone to spread out and have longer conversations with … Continued