Heather McNamee

Heather McNamee

Heather McNamee, Open Strategy Partners, is a technical communications and marketing professional with an MSc in Learning and Technology. She uses marketing skills for good, enabling the right audiences to find, learn, and get the most out of products they love. Her more than 15 years in open source technologies and associated start-ups started with using Drupal in 2002 in a not-for-profit. She’s developed hundreds of hours of learning and certification materials to facilitate open source technology and product adoption. As a contributor, she has helped run and promote events, especially in the Irish Drupal community.

Posts by Heather McNamee:

Using DDEV to Teach Open Source Web Development

When I heard that Oliver Hader, a TYPO3 CMS core developer, was using DDEV-Local to teach web development to university students, I wanted to know more. So I sat down with him to find out about the course, his students, and how DDEV helps. It’s great to see students working with professional tools to learn … Continued

The Business of Open Source – TYPO3 and DRUD

DRUD CEO, Steve Grandchamp and Mathias Schreiber, CEO of TYPO3 GmbH recently sat down with Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire, Partner of Open Strategy Partners to talk about the benefits of open source, especially for business. Read: Talking Open Source & Business (PDF) Both companies, TYPO3 GmbH and DRUD, are businesses built around open source projects. … Continued

Sandboxes – Local development environments to play in

Developers are constantly trying new things, learning new skills and techniques. A lot of learning means trying things out, playing, and making mistakes. And there’s a lot to learn if you’re using open source CMSs with hundreds of potentially useful extensions, modules, or plugins to experiment with. In this post we’ll look at how using … Continued

Developer Happiness: Use the Right Tools to Avoid Burnout

We recently spoke with Ryan Blyth, Technical Project Manager at NEWMEDIA here in Denver, Colorado. Ryan candidly shared the stresses of the web development with us and how using the right tools for the job can make you a much happier developer. Rather than the tools accommodating the way he works, Ryan often found he … Continued

Web development best practices: First time, every time.

If you’re responsible for managing a web development team, you want to make it easy for your colleagues to follow best practices- from the first time to every time they set up their projects. DDEV helps reduce errors between collaborators and facilitate knowledge sharing among team members. It sets its defaults to the best practices … Continued

Making Critical Updates Easier – What You Should Know

Professional developers–creating open source or proprietary software–have to take responsibility for every line of code they commit to a project. And they have to commit to keeping it up to date. Is the cost and pain of keeping your site updated leaving it open to vulnerabilities? DDEV is here to help make updates easier! The … Continued

Removing the Biggest Barrier to Contribution

An open source project needs a steady intake of users who supply feedback and improvements, especially in the form of code. Project maintainers need support from other contributors. To make the flow of contribution, we need to help people over one of the biggest (and often overlooked) barriers to contribution: the local development environment. In … Continued