Elli Ludwigson

Elli Ludwigson

Elli Ludwigson is fueled by her fundamental curiosity about what connects us, literally and metaphorically. She has an innate drive to connect information and resources with stakeholders and communities. She has supported United States Members of Congress while working at the Congressional Research Service, promoted the core concepts of the sustainable food movement for a New York Times bestselling author and farmer, and contributed to the Drupal open source project as a core mentoring lead. Elli will happily dive deep into just about any topic, whether it's the inner workings of a technology or the history of Joy of Cooking (she collects old editions). She currently resides outside of Washington DC with her books, houseplants, and baking habit.

Posts by Elli Ludwigson:

Get started with local development for Drupal

This week in the Drupalverse we are attending MidCamp! We’re in-kind sponsors offering a series of workshops to help you improve your skills with local development as well as some prizes for the raffle. MidWest Drupal Camp traditionally takes place in Chicago, but in March 2020 the organizers made a rapid shift to a virtual … Continued

Why standardization is important to teaching web development

Photo of Hilmar Hallbjörnsson at DrupalCon Amsterdam trivia night 2019 by Illek Petr. 10 minute read How often do you get to chat with a viking about web development? After DrupalCon Europe last December a few folks got together on Zoom to emulate our usual “hallway track” coffee hour chats, and I learned that a … Continued

Why an easy start is important to teaching web development

Photo of Mauricio Dinarte at DrupalCon Seattle contribution day in 2019 by Josef Kruckenberg @dasjo 9 minute read It’s always a joy when the planets align and connections are made! After the virtual DrupalCon Europe in December a few folks caught up on social Zoom, where I learned that a couple of my longtime friends … Continued

KubeCon Barcelona Wrap-up

Last week in Barcelona the Kubernetes and Cloud Native communities gathered for KubeCon to learn from each other and collaborate on open source projects. We’ve been working hard to use the native features of Kubernetes to build our hosting platform, DDEV-Live, and we’re invested in contributing back to Kubernetes itself to strengthen and extend functionality … Continued

DDEV: An alternative to MAMP for a PHP dev environment

You need a local web server to build and maintain a website. Simple. The old standby is MAMP, so called because it gives you the full Apache MySQL PHP “AMP” stack you need to get to work … on “My” machine: My Apache, MySQL, PHP. It’s free and no-frills (the paid version gives you a … Continued