Elli Ludwigson

Elli Ludwigson

Elli Ludwigson is fueled by her fundamental curiosity about what connects us, literally and metaphorically. She has an innate drive to connect information and resources with stakeholders and communities. She has supported United States Members of Congress while working at the Congressional Research Service, promoted the core concepts of the sustainable food movement for a New York Times bestselling author and farmer, and contributed to the Drupal open source project as a core mentoring lead. Elli will happily dive deep into just about any topic, whether it's the inner workings of a technology or the history of Joy of Cooking (she collects old editions). She currently resides outside of Washington DC with her books, houseplants, and baking habit.

Posts by Elli Ludwigson:

Get started with local development for Drupal

This week in the Drupalverse we are attending MidCamp! We’re in-kind sponsors offering a series of workshops to help you improve your skills with local development as well as some prizes for the raffle. MidWest Drupal Camp traditionally takes place in Chicago, but in March 2020 the organizers made a rapid shift to a virtual … Continued

Florida Drupal Camp highlights

Florida Drupal Camp this year took a slightly different shape as a virtual event (with fond memories of being there in person just a year ago) and the organizers and volunteers pulled it all off beautifully. The addition of a virtual world on gather.town really brought the event to life and enabled bumping into folks … Continued

Five ways preview sites support a DevOps workflow

What if you could quickly spin up a copy of work-in-progress that could be shared as a live website with stakeholders, or used for testing and QA? A workflow that supports both the tools you already use and the way you work with others can help ease some bottlenecks and communication mishaps. That’s what DDEV … Continued

Why standardization is important to teaching web development

Photo of Hilmar Hallbjörnsson at DrupalCon Amsterdam trivia night 2019 by Illek Petr. 10 minute read How often do you get to chat with a viking about web development? After DrupalCon Europe last December a few folks got together on Zoom to emulate our usual “hallway track” coffee hour chats, and I learned that a … Continued

Why an easy start is important to teaching web development

Photo of Mauricio Dinarte at DrupalCon Seattle contribution day in 2019 by Josef Kruckenberg @dasjo 9 minute read It’s always a joy when the planets align and connections are made! After the virtual DrupalCon Europe in December a few folks caught up on social Zoom, where I learned that a couple of my longtime friends … Continued

What is DDEV Preview?

When you are in the groove of working on a new feature for your web project the last thing you probably want to do is spend time setting up extra tools just to see how your work looks live. Many of us have staging environments, alpha environments, dev environments, several local servers on our machines … Continued

Deploying from a self-managed GitLab instance

As developers and DevOps nerds, we are all about finding repeatable, automatable workflows, creating checklists, and standardizing processes so that everyone can do their best work unencumbered. One way to accomplish some of that, especially for a team, is to get set up with a self-hosted GitLab instance. But it can be challenging to connect … Continued

How to deploy a site with DDEV

Are you running a project using the DDEV-Local development environment? Have you heard that we also offer a production environment, DDEV-Live? Here’s a handy guide to how to start with a project in DDEV-Local and walk through the steps to deploy to DDEV-Live hosting. All of the detailed documentation can be found in the DDEV … Continued

DrupalCon Global Retrospective

DrupalCon Global took me by surprise. With the planning for DrupalCon Minneapolis in a seemingly very distant past, the new virtual format came together in July with a blur of last minute learning and organizing. Everyone who helped coordinate, explain, modify, moderate and more worked very hard to make the experience something unique and useful … Continued

TYPO3 online community event: Elli’s notes

Thank you very much to the organizers and presenters at the recent TYPO3 online community event (T3oce)! I am grateful for the chance to join remotely, having had the privilege of traveling to TYPO3 events in the past. In addition to the sessions, I was able to participate in live and text conversations and came … Continued