David Stoline

David Stoline

I'm an architect engineer turned engineering manager. Things that I find fun: HA Lamp, AWS, performance, team happiness, finishing sprints.

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DDEV-Live PHP 7.2 notice

PHP security support for version 7.2 will end on 30 Nov 2020. Sites running PHP 7.2 will cease to receive all PHP version updates and are at greater risk for security issues. We will continue to provide a PHP 7.2 option on the DDEV-Live platform, however, we do not recommend this version. What this means … Continued

How to deploy from a branch, commit, or tag

Have you ever found yourself needing to deploy a very specific version of your web project? Perhaps you wanted to deploy a commit with the latest code for testing, or examine and share some new ideas in a feature branch with collaborators on the other side of the world. Or maybe you’d like your published … Continued

Drive Reliability with CI/CD: Integrate CircleCI with DDEV-Live

In a tumultuous economic environment, a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) process will provide a safe harbor in the storm, enabling teams to drive consistency through reliability and repeatability. By automating and increasing the frequency of small, incremental changes in a project pipeline, it’s possible to reduce regressions, increase velocity, and support shared success. … Continued

Bringing CI/CD to your Agency with DDEV-Live

CI/CD—continuous integration and delivery—helps your developers achieve the most (and their best), and is a faster, more reliable way of delivering code to clients. DDEV-Live integrates with your CI/CD tools of choice. New to CI/CD? Integrate with DDEV-Live for a scalable, sustainable future of efficient development and deployment. Already doing CI/CD? You shouldn’t have to … Continued

Simplify Your End-to-End Workflow: Integrate DDEV-Live with Jenkins

Being forced into workflows that don’t work for your development team is like forcing a digital nomad into a mobile data plan from the ’90s — it’s frustrating, difficult to justify, and costly. Here at DDEV, we take a developer-first approach.  We’re committed to enabling you to use the tools that make your unique workflows … Continued

How DDEV-Live users contribute to our cloud hosting platform

Last autumn we began early access trials of our DDEV-Live cloud hosting platform for a small group of users in order to collect feedback and build out features together. DDEV-Live is the culmination of years of experience and experimentation amidst maturing technologies and changing landscapes in open source. Our mission is to deliver tools that … Continued